Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Taking Back Their Offer to Help Out at a Friend’s Wedding

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AITA for taking back my offer to help with my friend’s wedding?

“Last year, my friend Jess (35f) finally got engaged to the man she’s been dating for the past 15 years.

We live in a high cost of living city, and Jess’ finances have always been very tight. Her wedding budget was $5000. It’s workable, since she works in catering and has connections, and her fiancé’s family has a house with a big yard.

I offered to take pictures for free. I’m an amateur photographer with the basic gear and a background in photojournalism. I’m not going to be hired to shoot for Martha Stewart Weddings, but I would have provided some nice pictures.

Jess turned me down, citing my lack of a wedding portfolio. I thought that maybe she or her fiancé had access to someone with more experience, and I ignored her unusually snotty tone when she said thanks but no thanks.

Fast forward to last Thursday. Jess calls me in tears because she does not have a photographer. Neither she nor her fiancé know anyone else, and she doesn’t want to count on guests’ camera photos. She asked if I can take pictures.

I was more than happy to do so at the wedding and reception, but she wanted me to shoot the whole day: her getting ready, traveling to the venue, the wedding ceremony, and her and her fiancé leaving the reception.

I said I had other commitments that morning, but reiterated that I could show up an hour before the wedding to get some before shots, and take photos at the ceremony and reception, including the usual posed photos (family, wedding party, etc). She said I could either take photos for the entire day or not bother even coming to the wedding as a guest.

She got married this past Saturday. I wasn’t there.


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