Pet-Loving Brides Can Now Buy Bridesmaid Dresses in Doggy Sizes

Photo Credit: Etsy

Some brides have 20 BFFs to choose their bridesmaids from. Other brides have one BFF, and it’s their dog. If you fall into the latter category, don’t fret, because there is an Etsy company that has got you covered: they makes bridesmaid dresses for pups.

Posh Paws Company makes gown-like bridesmaid dresses for dogs out of satin. The dresses feature puffed sleeves, a long skirt, and a little bow on top, and they also come with a matching headband bow for your dog’s head. Thanks to an opening in the back of the bodice, you can easily fasten a leash to a harness through the dress.

Fancy and functional!

Photo Credit: Etsy

The dress is available in 12 different colors, so you can easily pick one that matches your wedding theme/the rest of your wedding party. Colors range from pale pink to olive green to mustard yellow and more.

It’s easy to picture these dresses on a fluffy little dog, but Posh Paws actually makes them in a range of sizes, including custom ones. So even if you have a huge Rottweiler, they can still dress up in a dainty bridesmaid dress for your big day!

The dresses start at $83 but may cost over $150, depending on the size and color you need.

Photo Credit: Etsy

Posh Paws also sells a bunch of other formalwear for other events.

They even sell a doggy wedding dress, in case your pooch falls in love with the best man on your big day.

Just in case.

Would you grab one of these for your pooch? Let us know in the comments!