Pet Owners on Twitter are Playing “David Attenborough Your Pet,” and It’s Almost Better Than Planet Earth

Photo Credit: Instagram

You might know David Attenborough from his mellifluous narration of such nature programs as Planet Earth, and Blue Planet II. Well, he miiiight be out of a job soon, cause everyone else is getting in on the action.

People on Twitter are playing a game called “David Attenborough Your Pet,” in which they take videos of their pets in the wild — or, uh, on top of the kitchen table — and narrate them like the host of a nature show. It is exactly as delightful as it sounds.


David Attenborough would certainly approve.

The challenge began as a prompt from Article Group, a marketing agency. They came up with the idea to celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Pets 2.


“By way of celebrating this momentous and furry occasion, we’re inviting you to participate in a fun creative challenge we’re calling…David Attenborough Your Pet!!” the agency tweeted.

The challenge isn’t really a competition, but the winner gets “a very shiny trophy and the eternal respect of the internet.”


Speaking of winners, here is the one that Article Group crowned the best video of all.

But really, all of these pet owners are winners!!!