Pharmacists Share the Dumbest Things People Do Because of Coronavirus

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I’m not judging at all, because we are living in very scary times, but a lot of people out there are doing some very weird and frankly stupid things right now in reaction to the coronavirus.

I guess that’s what happens when the world gets turned on its head and people start to panic.

And the pharmacists of the world right now are really seeing a lot of strange behavior.

AskReddit users talk about the things they’ve witnessed lately.

1. That’s a good look.

“Using condoms to touch door handles and elevator buttons.”

2. All kinds of madness.

“One of my friends works in a pharmacy and for a major national chain. In addition to people trying to stockpile prescription meds, this past week alone she said she has seen people:

Ask if they can get “packs” of Tamiflu, without going through insurance or a doctor, which would be insanely expensive anyway

Ask when they can schedule another flu shot to “dose up to prepare”

complaining to her about them not wearing masks at the pharmacy, to which she replies that masks are actually primarily for infected people, and they lose their shit in response

people complaining to her that there aren’t more masks to stockpile In the first place.”

3. World upside down.

“We’ve been out of masks for a month. This is not all that special because that’s how it is everywhere.

We’re also out of hand sanitizer, which, again, is not special.

What’s weird is we are out of isopropyl alcohol and aloe gel, because people are trying to DIY their own hand sanitizer. I had a woman come ask me if she could substitute witch hazel for alcohol since we were out. Gonna say that’s probably a no.

Other interesting tidbits:

Our script volume has increased by at least 100 per week due to stockpiling that others mentioned

Saw a lady with fifteen bottles of bleach in her basket. Like the gallon-size jugs.

The cold & flu section is basically nonexistent at this point. We still have some zinc, but that’s not gonna do a damn thing.

At least one person approached the counter and, upon being told we were out of the usual requests, asked if he could purchase antibiotics. (Prescription only where I live.)

My store had a sign up limiting customers to six soaps per purchase due to high demand. IMO that’s still a little much.”

4. Get out the taser.

“Here in Australia two people were fighting over toilet paper, so the police had to get involved and tasered them.”

5. Trying to stockpile.

“It’s already been stated, but the main thing is people wanting multiple (illegal) repeats of their meds “in case they need to stockpile them”.

The number of people getting visibly upset that we won’t do this for them is saddening.”

6. That’s only for us…

“I work in pharmacy and we’ve had people INSIST and argue with us about purchasing the giant communal hand sanitizer we have behind the dispensary for the staff…I wonder how people can be that stupid.”

7. All day, every day.

“Not understanding that insurance will not give you 6 months of meds upfront.

Not understanding basic hand hygiene

Not understanding most masks will not protect you from the virus.

And my exchange yesterday….

No we don’t have masks and gloves

Yes they’re all made in China

No it’s not a chinese diabolical plan

Sure stuff should me made in America.

Yeah like the president said.

Ok ma’am have a good night.”

8. How about that…

“Asked this earlier when I slid out to the pharmacy (I have an icky cold – yes it is only a cold – and opted to grab up some menthol stuff).

The person serving me laughed and said that it was odd – the advice is to wash hands and not buy all the masks and stuff; yet all the masks are gone, all the gloves are gone, all the condoms are gone, they don’t stock hand sanitiser, but they still have a full wall of soap and hand wash and stuff that has barely been touched.”

9. Whatever works, I guess…

“Buying newborn size disposable diapers to use as masks.”

10. That oughta do it.

“Grab 5 packages of water bottles because there is going to be an “apocalypse”.”

11. Please don’t do that.

“Patient asked if he can gargle with bleach bc he heard it from the internet that it would help fighting the corona virus.

What in the world ????? Why would people even post this online…”

12. Accusations left and right.

“Accuse pharmacists and pharmacies of hoarding and controlling supply.”

13. Keeping a tally.

“In addition to the usual idiots stocking up on water bottles and toilet paper, the pharmacist keeps a running tally of the number of stupid questions people ask her in a day. My shift starts at 5 and the pharmacist usually starts their shift at 4.

In 1 hour about fifteen people asked either if we had face masks (no), hand sanitizer (still no) and if they should stockpile their meds. That last one pisses me off because people either don’t realize or don’t care that if everyone does this then that creates drug shortages which screws over people who are actually out of the drug.”

14. Time to do a bump.

“I watched some dude snorting hand sanitizer off his hands…”

15. And, from the other side of the counter.

“My pharmacist licked her finger before picking up my script yesterday.

That seemed pretty silly.”

People are kind of losing their minds right now, there’s no doubt about that.

Have you seen anything weird/funny/dumb/stupid that people have been doing lately as we all buckle down to ride this thing out?

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