17 News Stories That Are Currently Being Overshadowed by the Coronavirus

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Turn on any news channel or look at any website right now and it’s pretty much all the same coverage: the coronavirus is spreading around the planet at a frightening speed and people are justifiably terrified.

But there are also other things happening in the world right now, too. And we’re missing out on a lot of them because of the wall-to-wall coverage of the pandemic.

AskReddit users shared some things you might have missed in the news lately.

1. That’s kind of weird…

“There’s a shady law trying get rid of encryption.


2. Rigged election.

“There’s solid proof that the elected Colombian president campaigned with narcotraffic money. Most likely they bought the presidency for him.”

3. Look what they walked out to…

“The last Ebola patient was discharged in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

4. Icons from the ’80s…

“Corey Feldman accused Charlie Sheen of rape.”

5. Hadn’t heard about this.

“Cairo is flooding because of a thunderstorm. Utilities have been off all day today! People’s homes have been flooded, sewers are overflowing and there are injuries (possibly deaths)

Not to mention the property damage in the millions racking up to private and public property.

Cairo floods every winter due to lack of proper infrastructure, but this storm is severe.”

6. That’s progress.

“A second person was cured of HIV in the UK.”

7. Not good news.

“Parts of Africa and South Asia are having their crops decimated by a massive locust swarm, and its estimated to impact the food security for about 20 million people.”

8. Wouldn’t that be nice?

“Virginia lawmakers have passed a bill that would see insulin prices capped at $50 per month, potentially making the state the third to set limits on the cost of the life-saving medication.”

9. Wow! That’s crazy!

“A new dinosaur the size of a hummingbird was found literally just yesterday. Here’s the link for the article.”

10. I had a feeling about this one.

“The Taliban never intended to follow the treaty recently signed with the U.S.”

11. Oil wars.

“Oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Don’t know much about it but my jaw just about dropped on my way home from a semi remote vacation and saw that gas was almost down to $1.90 a gallon in our city. Think they had oil going for like $30 a barrel or something.”

12. That’s a great story.

“Arguably the best women’s basketball player, Maya Moore, has not played the last couple of seasons because she wanted to focus on trying to release a innocent man from being wrongly accused. A couple of weeks ago she succeeded in that and he was released.”

13. Not surprising.

“Russian parliament passed a reform allowing Putin to stay president until 2036.”

14. That’s amazing.

“A cow in florida has evaded police for two months.”


15. All these current events.

“Russians killed 36 Turkish soldiers in Syria

All out war between Turkey and Syria

A oilprice war between Saudi Arabia and Russia

A refugee crisis in Greece and border fights between the Greek and Turkish police

2 American and 1 British soldiers were killed in Iraq, the US is currently responding with massive airstrikes

Ceasefire in Syria (ceasefire means a rearmament because the Rebels and SAA have lost a huge amount of people and material in the last few weeks).”

16. A day without women.

“México had a “day without women”.

March 9th we had a national woman’s strike where women were encouraged to not go anywhere. Schools, offices, public places did not have more than a couple of women during the day and it was done to show our disappointment towards gender violence and our anger against the poor actions taken to stop it.

It caused more than a billion of dollars of loses in our country in general.”

17. Corrupt as hell.

“GOP senate crossed aisle to rebuke Betsy Devos for collecting on student loans that were supposed to be forgiven.

They went against Trump’s rich buddy.

She’s still in her position though, despite the corruption.”

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of a lot of those things that are going on right now.

How about you?

Do you know of some other important news stories that most people have missed lately?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!