Portland Distillery Turns Alcohol Waste Into Free Hand Sanitizer

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These are hard times for a lot of people, and one of the things that’s making things rougher for so many is not being able to grab the cleaning and sanitizing products we need to keep our spaces and people safe.

There are a lot of jerks out there hoarding more than they need, leaving others out in the cold…but the Shine Distillery & Grill in Portland, OR, are not those jerks.

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Portland distillery turns their alcohol waste into free hand sanitizer – Shine Distillery & Grill in Portland, OR. Is making their own hand sanitizer and giving it away for free. – According to Jon Poteet, the owner, this move is a no-brainer. During the process of distilling their own spirits, the first batch of alcohol that comes out, isn’t drinkable. – Until now, they’ve been using it as a cleaning agent to keep the place shiny and disinfected. Late last week, a customer was sitting at the bar, and asked Poteet if she could have some of the cleaning alcohol to use as sanitizer, and it made him think. – Poteet then reached out to the local authorities and looked at the legalities around giving out their waste alcohol and learned that as long as they’re not making any medical claims or selling it they’re free to give it away. – So, he’s taken the 80% alcohol solution (which is well above the CDC’s recommendations of 60% minimum) and added Xanthan gum to thicken it. Then, added in a little water and tossed it into a branded bottle. – Now, he’s got his very own hand sanitizer that he can replicate easily and give away for free. – Source: thearchive.com – #networkfor #wereforthis #shinedistillery #makingadifference #kindnessmatters #helpingothers #givingback

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Instead of hoarding and panicking, they’re turning their alcohol waste into hand sanitizer – and they’re giving it away for free.

Jon Poteet, the owner, explained that the first batch of alcohol that comes out isn’t drinkable, and until now, they’ve been using it as a cleaning agent for their restaurant, bar, and distillery.

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That time we made our distillery into a hand sanitizer factory during a global pandemic and landed on CNN. #shinepdx #shinedistillery #shinespirits #cnn #donlemon #covid19 #coronavirus #supportlocal #inthistogether #lgbtq #lgbtqbusiness #sanitizer #localspirits #craftdistillery

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Before deciding to turn it into something for the public, Poteet reached out to local authorities to check on the legality of giving away waste alcohol and learned that, as long as they’re not making money off it, it’s fine.

The Shine Distillery is using the 80% alcohol solution, adding Xanthan gum to thicken it, putting in some water and tossing it into a branded bottle.

People are grabbing up the effective and free product, and Poteet says he’s happy to be a part of the local Portland community. As long as he’s helping his friends and neighbors to be happy and healthy, he figures its a good day.

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When all the stores are sold out of hand sanitizer, your local distillery comes up with their own solution. #shinedistillery #homemadehandsanitizer #portlandoregon

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The only thing he asks is that if you take some hand sanitizer, you buy something to go from the restaurant or bar.

And if you use the bathroom while you’re there, he’s got a sign posted to remind people to wash their hands.

This is a stand up guy.

Let’s all be more like Joe Poteet in these uncertain times.