10 of the Latest Hoaxes About the Coronavirus

I love that there are so many stories out there about how people are coming together during this time of global crisis. There’s a pandemic, people are scared, people are nervous, people are struggling to live in isolation – but for every so many people going out of their way to make the best out of bad situation, there are always going to be those few looking for ways to stir up unrest or to take advantage of it in some way.

There have been hoaxes and myths and bad information spreading since the very beginning, and the best way to combat those things is to keep yourself informed.

Here are the latest hoaxes making the rounds – make note!

#1. Text messages claiming entire cities will go into complete shutdown.

While some cities have taken more measures than others, instituting curfews and shelter-in-place orders, you’ll want to verify what your own state’s governor’s recommendations are.

#2. A text message claiming the United Nations is going to enforce a total 2-week quarantine.

There’s no reason to believe any official direction would come from the UN and not from the President.

#3. Audio claiming to be someone with sources at the Pentagon.

Rumors are spreading online and in group chats and also claims to have information about a national lockdown that are not true (as far as we know).

#4. People claiming to have alternative cures for the virus.

US authorities have stated that colloidal silver, vitamins, teas, and essential oils are not approved treatments or valid preventative measures against COVID-19.

#5. Emails that state they are from your HR department.

Hackers are using the virus to pretend to be HR departments, company executives, and personal health organizations in order to gain access to computers and steal credentials.

#6. Your stomach acid will not kill coronavirus.

People are claiming this will work if you drink enough water.

#7. Also, don’t inhale hot air from your hair dryer.

This is dangerous, and half a million people have checked out the YouTube video.

#8. Anti-inflammatory drugs won’t make the infection worse.

A viral WhatsApp post claimed that 4 different COVID-19 patients got worse after taking anti-inflammatories.

#9. You probably didn’t have the virus back in November.

The first case was confirmed in the US in January, and patients have been known to be re-infected, besides.

#10. You can still answer your door, though I would keep a safe distance (6 feet!)

A rumor was circulating that criminals were going door-to-door pretending to be testing for the virus but really casing your house.

There you have it, folks. As with the news and scientific “facts” before the outbreak of this virus, make sure that you’re getting your information from valid sources, and double-checking it, too.

Where are you going to get information during these crazy times? It might be good to make sure they’re accredited and adjust accordingly!