Physics Professor Destroys Flat Earther’s Logic by Using Simple Math

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These flat earthers never cease to amaze me. Despite all the TRUE evidence that is constantly shoved down their throats and backed up with actual facts, they still cling to their harebrained beliefs about the earth being flat. What century is it, again?

A physics professor at the University of Porto in Portugal named Pedro Teles was obviously fed up with this nonsense so he took to Imgur to put these flat earthers in their place.

This is how Professor Teles began.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Now pay attention and try to keep up…

Photo Credit: Imgur

That’s right! Clockwise! Now on to the North Pole!

Photo Credit: Imgur

You have to reproduce the same experiment, flat earther…and pay attention to that pendulum.

Photo Credit: Imgur

You’re not done yet!

Photo Credit: Imgur

And here’s the proof, friends.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Nice work, professor! Now, I understand if you need to go back and read this again.

But remember the most important part of this experiment…forward this to everyone in your life who believes the earth is flat!

Thank you in advance.