Pizza Delivery Boss’s Rule About Filling Prank Call Orders Blows up in His Face

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Bosses are human, too, and from time to time, they make mistakes. It can be frustrating to keep working, knowing that your boss has made a ridiculous decision (or at least one that you don’t agree with).

But occasionally, the universe makes things right by causing a new policy or rule to backfire utterly and completely. And you get to stand back and watch it happen, with that smug feeling of satisfaction that you were right all along.

That’s exactly what happened at a pizza delivery chain in a college town. Since those college students suddenly found themselves with more free time on their hands, they started upping the number of prank calls they made to the pizza joint.

The whole scenario played out on Reddit:

Treat all prank calls as though they’re serious? Sure, have fun making 180 extra large pizzas

I work in a major pizza delivery chain that has so far been unsuccessful in out-pizzaing the hut. Our store is in a college town, and everyone is bored as hell right now for obvious reasons. So we’ve gone from maybe one prank call a day to at least 3-5. Which isn’t much but still really annoying with how much more business we’ve been getting, again for obvious reasons.

The worst part is how uncreative and low effort most of them are. At least 80% of them are “Can I get a boneless pizza”, or “is this the Kristy Krab”, with the occasional insert GTA fast food order copypasta here.

This had been going on way to long so I took up the habit of just hanging up whenever someone starts saying some stupid shit. The boss wasn’t too happy about this but didn’t care enough to say anything until an incident where I hung up on someone who wanted that boneless pizza and he called back pissed because he actually wanted to order.

So I get a stern talking-to from boss man and he sends a message to the company’s group chat app saying: “I know we’ve been getting more prank calls than usual, but please don’t follow in certain people’s footsteps and just hang up on them. Take the calls as seriously as possible. If they order something we can’t make, calmly explain it to them and offer them something we do actually sell. We want to try to make money off of them even if they’re acting dumb”

So the very next call is where the fun starts. “Thank you for calling, what can I get you” “I’m soooooo hungry, can I get an extra-extra-extra-extra large pizza with tripple every topping” “I’m sorry ma’am, we can only go up to one extra and double each topping” “Hmmmm ok then. Can I get twenty XL’s of each meat y’all have. So like 20 pepperoni, 20 sausage, etcetera” These people are obviously high as hell and giggling in the background the whole time “Sure, give me a sec to ring it all up… Ok so that’s 180 pizzas, the total will be $1000 (don’t remember the actual price but close enough) and it’ll take about 3 hours” “Awesome thanks! We’ll pay with a check when we get there dial tone”

So I place the order, and not 30 seconds later I hear “What the actual fuck” from the boss and he runs to the computer. “How are they paying for this?” He asks me. “they said with a check, we do still take checks for orders over $200 right?”. “They can’t have been serious, was this a prank call” “Not sure boss, you said take all calls seriously”

He just grumbles and picks up the phone and calls the customer, and all I hear is super loud laughter as he hangs up.

Meanwhile, other employees have started actually making the ridiculous order not noticing anything weird about it. So by the time the boss finishes the call and cancels the order on the computer, there are already five XL pepperoni pizzas in the oven. So we got free dinner for everyone working that night as well as another message in the group chat app simply saying “in regards to my last message, please just use good judgement when taking orders”

If that isn’t justice, I don’t know what is. Free pizza for everyone working, plus being able to tick off the boss without recourse? It’s a win-win if you ask me. The moral of the story here seems to be: go ahead and make that prank call. You might end up doing a good deed and feeding hungry pizza delivery workers, after all.

Of course, people had a lot of opinions about this story. A few Redditors even chimed in to explain how they got free food at work:

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And this Redditor just really, really wants some pizza with boneless wings on top. Really dude? That’s all you took away from this story?

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