This Plane Used Its 5 Hour Flight Test to Draw a Giant Christmas Tree Over Germany


Maybe pilots drawing things in the sky is the new, hip thing. We recently saw a Navy pilot draw a huge dick in the sky in Washington. That was fun. And now we have the story of an Airbus doing this:

An Airbus A380 crew based in Hamburg took a 5-hour flight test and used it to draw a huge Christmas tree over Germany. The flight pattern clearly shows the pilots had only one design in mind on this trip.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Somebody was a little annoyed about the use of fuel, but the Flight Radar Twitter account reminded them that the test flight was going to happen anyway, so why not?

Photo Credit: Twitter, vanderburgt

But most people just loved it.

Photo Credit: Twitter, jeffshelly

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They are the coolest! Nice job!

h/t: Distractify