This Plus-Size Model Recreated Celebrity Photos to Promote Body Positivity

©Instagram, dianasirokai

In this superficial world we live in, it can be frustrating to constantly see celebrities with seemingly perfect bodies on TV, in movies, and across social media. Of course, we’re only witnessing these hard bodies after they’ve been airbrushed, edited, and Photoshopped out the wazoo. In other words, it’s not realistic for about 99.99% of the human population to look like that. Which is why it is very refreshing to see someone remind us what real people look like once in a while.

Diana Sirokai is a plus-size model using her Instagram page to show off her natural curves (what some might call “flaws”) and to promote body positivity.

Sirokai has also recreated some celebrity photo shoots to show that all women are beautiful and what we see in the media is totally unrealistic.

It’s nice to see a confident woman who’s comfortable in her own skin helping to inspire others!

h/t: Pizza Bottle