Poland’s Very Tiny Cat Museum is a Must See

Image Credit: Instagram

Just to clarify, we’re talking about a very tiny museum, not a regular museum full of tiny (not real) cats.

Which is just as awesome as any other way you slice this thing, guys, and some of the cats are smol and stuff.

Check this out!


There are, of course, plenty of museums around the world that celebrate our collective lover for cats, but the Cat Museum in Krakow, Poland, has to be one of (if not the) the smallest.

There are around 1000 cat collectables in around 161-square-feet of space, which include figurines, cat-shaped soap dispensers, snow globes, and pretty much anything else cat-shaped or cat-inspired that you can think of…and I know you can think of a lot, y’all.


Like, what in the world could not be made better by also being an homage to cats?

The museum is owned and operated by a Ukrainian couple, and even though the museum opened in 2019, they’ve been amassing their collection for over a decade.

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It all began 15 years ago, when co-owner Nataliya Koshivaya received a cat figurine as a gift from a friend. She and her husband never stopped collecting cat-shaped and related merchandise from around the world.

More gifts were received, as well, and finally they knew they had to share their treasure trove with the world.


You definitely want to visit, if only because Nataliya says her gray cat Geisha is the “real owner” of the museum, and can be found prowling her domain any hour of the day or night.

And if you want to love these people more, consider this: they’re planning to open a second location with more room to house homeless cats looking for families (real ones).

I know where I’m headed the next time I find myself in Poland. How could you miss this?