Police Call for People to Return Lost Cash After $30,000 Flies off a Man’s Truck

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What would you do if $30,000 came rolling down the street? Grab as much as you can and go? Yeah, exactly.

A man accidentally left a box with $30,000 in cash on the bumper of his truck in Grand Haven, Michigan. He drove off, and the money went flying across the road. Other drivers promptly stopped their vehicles to pick up the cash… And keep it.


Now, police are calling for anyone who picked up some of the money to return it.

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“Anyone that picked up money is asked to turn it in at the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety,” Jeff Hawke, director of the department, wrote on Facebook.

The majority of the money is still missing because come on. A few people have, however, done the moral thing and turned their money in. Two teenagers brought in $630, and one woman brought in almost $3900 (!!!). Those who do return money won’t face any consequences for taking it.

Police officers at the scene also retrieved $2470, with the help of some witnesses.

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Jeff warned people against searching the area for any more lost cash.

“All money has been removed and treasure hunters are directed to not stop or walk in traffic lanes or any area that would pose a risk,” he wrote.

Note to self: Always check your bumper for your box full of cash before you drive!