This Popular Tumblr Account Teaches Men How to Pleasure Women…the Right Way

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There’s a hot tumblr account that’s relying on advice from women across the world to answer an age-old question…

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What are the best methods/techniques/tricks/skills/etc. to give a woman an orgasm?

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An anonymous woman who calls herself “Sylvia” said she started the “How To Make Me Come” tumblr because she wanted:

A platform for women to express themselves, in the hope they’d find the process therapeutic and clarifying for themselves, and we are now offering that to the world, in the hopes that people will not only feel a sense of community and solidarity, but also feel inspired to begin having these conversations with their friends and sexual partners.

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As you can tell, this is a win-win situation for all involved. Women will be able to share their experiences with their counterparts, and men might finally learn a little something about how to please their ladies for once.

The stories shared by various women on the tumblr page run the gamut, from practical sexual advice to things they’ve learned over the years. One of the anonymous writers on the site talked openly about how she wish she could’ve talked some sense into her younger self: “You told me if I didn’t act like I was into sex, we’d have to stop dating. I laughed and laughed and broke up with you on the spot and rode off into the sunset while flipping you the bird. Nah, I didn’t do that. We dated for two more years.”

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Live and learn, people. Check out this informative, interesting site. You won’t be disappointed.

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