Pottery Barn Releases a ‘Friends’-Themed Furniture Collection

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Throw on your workout gear and run to Pottery Barn while flailing your arms like Rachel Green! Why? Because this retailer will have merchandise from Friends!

The best part? The apothecary table!

Photo Credit: NBC

The famous episode, “The One With The Apothecary Table,” shows Rachel purchasing said table for her apartment, which she shares with Phoebe. Monica warns her that Phoebe is against mass-produced products, so Rachel fibs and tells her friend that the new table was from a flea market. The entire episode is filled with Pottery Barn plugs, as Rachel goes nuts buying up anything Pottery Barn.

Things like the “ornamental Birdcage – Large,” a telescope, and more.

Though these products were not available at Pottery Barn then, they will be soon!

If you are an overly-crazed Friends fan, this is the perfect way to get your apartment to start looking like the show. It’s unclear exactly what will be sold (other than the table), but PopSugar.com says there will be “14 products ranging in price from $13 to $1,099, and the line has everything from decorative accessories to furniture and textiles.”

So why haven’t we been graced with these treasures of TV past before?

Well, Friends is celebrating the 25th anniversary of it’s start (it ran on NBC from 1994-2004). I suppose this is Pottery Barn’s way of tipping their hat to the famous show.

I think Phoebe would approve.


Could you be any more excited?