Put Your Own Face on Your Luggage and Never Search for It Again

Image Credit: Instagram

You’ve tried all of the tricks – a red ribbon, brightly colored luggage, your name and address – but have you considering just screen-printing your mug right on your bags so you can easily spot them at the airport?

Probably not. But here’s the thing…absolutely no one will mistakenly pick up your bag if you do.

Travel + Leisure reports that a company called Firebox is offering a product they call Head Case, which isn’t quite a screen printed suitcase – rather, it’s a stretchy spandex cover that goes around your bag.

Like a boss.


The image is on both sides, the cover buckles in place, and there are holes for all of your handles – plus there are three sizes to choose from. Prices range from $26 to $39 apiece.


I mean really…what’s not to like?

And if you, like me, have realized that this product is ready made for pranking friends and family, listen up – they have A LOT of products.

Like this mousepad…


And weird pillows,


And creepy masks!


And… voodoo dolls, apparently?


Go hog wild, my friends. And I promise if you get those luggage covers you’ll make at least a few friends the next time you take an airplane or check into hotel.

I mean. Who could resist that face, right?

Okay, confession time… which of these products would you honestly get. For me… I’d completely get the luggage. That’s just too hilarious. But I wouldn’t get it of me. I’d get it of my grandmother.

Don’t ask me why. I just would.