Put Your Thinking Cap on for These 6 Brain Teasers

We all feel a little slow on the uptake sometimes, a little foggy, We need to force our brains to focus and remember what it’s like to solve a problem, to really work for it.

If you’re feeling like that’s exactly what you need today, these 6 brain teasers are here to help!

Alright kids… we’re going to go through these first and then give you the answer after?

Sound good?

Let’s go!

6. The weirdly reversing ball.

5. The end of it all is all you need.

4. A black dog on a black road can’t be missed.

3. Which is correct? Are or Is?

2. Born at the same time, but not twins. How so?

1. A poisoned drink, but a surprising survival?

Continue reading to check your answers!

Are you ready?

Really ready?

Really, really ready?

Okay, let’s go!

6. Give it a toss…


5. This one was staring you riGht in the the face.


4. Oh… you thought this was hard? Hahaha… oh boy.


3. If you didn’t get this one… that’s GOTTA hurt.


2. Ack! You didn’t think about this one, did you?


1. This one is a bit harder. I mean… that’s kind of tough.


Did you solve them all? If so, I’m impressed!

Personally, I got the first 4… but not the last two. I had a inkling that the fourth one had something to do with fraternal twins… but who knew triplets!?

And that last one… nope!

Care for some more? Well, come back another day for more riddles like these!

See you soon!