Queen Elizabeth? Betty White? 13+ People Admit the People They Can’t Believe Are Still Alive.

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Sometimes, people have been around for so long you forget they’re still with us, and when you realize they still are, it’s a pleasant surprise. There are loads of people out there who are way past their heyday, who still manage to keep on trucking along. I mean, Keith Richards?! How?

It turns out that some human beings are just way hardier than you might think!

#15. Sheer longevity

“Roberta McCain

Normally, a mother outliving her child is one of the most tragic things possible, but in her case it wasn’t a matter of John dying prematurely – he obviously did not – but of his mother’s incredible sheer longevity.”

#14. At least in the movies

“Maggie Smith, she has looked like she is 99 years old since the 90s (at least in the movies)”

#13. Not yet gone with the wind

“Olivia De Havilland from Gone With The Wind, she’s 102 years old.”

#12. He’s on borrowed time

“My grandpa. He smokes a carton of cigarettes and chugs a 12pack of mountain dew daily despite being diabetic, and has racked up insane levels of bad life karma. He’s 90. All due respect to the man but he’s on borrowed time.”

#11. Who would’ve guessed?

“Iggy Pop. There’s a famous photo of him with David Bowie & Lou Reed from about 1972. I saw it the other day, and thought “Who would’ve guessed Iggy would be the last man standing?”

#10. I’ve never seen him using a cane

“Prince Philip. People talk about Queen Elizabeth II, but he’s five years older and I’ve never seen him using a cane. Their son is turning 70.”

#9. It defies science

“Ozzy Osborne.”

#8. The power of the chin dimple

“Kirk Douglas. The man’s over 100 and he’s still alive. How?”

#7. She’s still kicking it

“Angela Lansbury. I looked her up the other day because I couldn’t remember when she died but she’s still kickin it.”

#6. Old school television

“Bob Newhart, Dick Van Dyke, Valerie Harper, Alan Alda.”

#5. Weekend at Bernie’s style

“Bob Barker. My family and I used to joke that his last few years on the price is right must have been “weekends at Bernie’s” style.”

#4. The last one standing

“Dick Van Dyke. Seeing syndicated episodes of The Dick Van Dyke show is such an old show and aside from the child actor I think he is like the last one standing.”

#3. The fact that he didn’t die is amazing

“Steve-O. He’s sober now but the fact that he didn’t die during his drug doing/Jackass days is amazing to me.”

#2. So many surprises here

“Brian Wilson, lead singer of the Beach Boys. He’s ‘only’ in his seventies, but losing two brothers, massive drug & alcohol problems, being overdosed on antipsychotics by a manipulative shrink to the point of causing nerve damage, living with a schizoaffective disorder… he’s been through a lot.
Doris Day. Fun fact: Doris Day is the mother of music producer Terry Melcher, who worked closely with the Beach Boys (and may or may not have been targeted by Charles Manson).
Olivia de Havilland, aka Maid Marian in the 1938 Robin Hood movie starring Errol Flynn.
Robert Mugabe, former Marxist dictator of Zimbabwe. I’m most surprised that he survived his recent coup.
John Goodman. Sure, he lost a lot of weight, but he still spent a good amount of his life obese and alcoholic.
Mikhail Gorbachev. Especially considering how he’s a vocal Putin critic.
10th US President John Tyler still has two living grandsons.
George H.W. Bush, the longest-lived ex-President.
Bob Barker.”

#1. Frankly impressive

“Beverly Cleary. The author of children’s literary legends such as Henry Huggins,Ramona Quimby, and Ralph S. MouseFrankly impressive that’s she 102.”

Any more to add to the list? I’m all ears!