15 Questions You’re Afraid To Ask The Opposite Sex… And Answers!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Do you have a question that you are just dying to ask a member of the opposite sex, but you’re just too embarrassed to do so? Then this AskReddit thread is for you!

We went through and picked some of our favorite questions…and their hilarious (and helpful) answers.

#1. Cold Boob Pain Of Death

Q: “When men go swimming and the cold water touches their groin for the first time it’s uncomfortable at best, do women have the same issues with their vagina?”

A: “Yeah, but it’s not that bad and worse when it reaches your chest.”

#2. Freeboobing

Q: “What do boobs feel like against your chest when you hug a female? Can you guys even feel them? How obvious is it?”

A: “Depends on the boobs, what the girl is wearing, etc. If she has an all star rack and is freeboobing it, it feels real nice. If she’s wearing 4 sports bras, spandex, and a buttoned denim jacket, not so much.”

#3. Eu de Dick

Q: “What do you think about your genital smells?”

A: “Every once in awhile after working out I won’t shower right away. 45 minutes later I’ll get a nice sweaty ball whiff as I bend over or something. I usually go “Oh that’s awful.. rubs balls and sniffs fingers Oh yeah that’s bad I should shower. sniff””

#4. Preparing For Slaughter

Q: “Ladies, let’s assume you have fairly regular periods (which is apparently not the case of every woman, correct me if i’m wrong), do you start wearing pads/tampons like the day before you think they will happen just in case they come in early?”

A: “No, we usually spot first which warns us of the oncoming slaughter”

#5. You’re A Natural

Q: “Do you ever think about if you would like to have a family and what kind of dad you would want to be?”

A: “When I was younger, I thought about this a lot. And I really wondered whether I was up to the task of being a good dad. I’m now 23 years into the Dadding experience. Turns out, I was a natural. Who knew?”

#6. Does My Tie Match My Suit?

Q: “Men, what are the most frustrating fashion choices that you face?”

A: “The fact that men’s fashion sucks compared to women’s regarding variety or choice. Sometimes it’s awesome (it takes 3 seconds to decide what to wear for a <insert level of formality here> event), but then you get to said event and every guy looks exactly the same and every girl looks completely unique. Most guys like the ease and lack of choice; I hate it.”

#7. Superwoman!

Q: “Do women pee standing up in a shower?”

A: “Yes it trickles down your leg or you do a superwomen pose”

#8. All About That Bass

Q: “Why are men obsessed with butt stuff?”

A: “A lot of it stems from the taboo of the act itself. It can be pleasurable in the right circumstances, but a lot of people don’t want to try it or won’t consider it. Society at large tends to think of the act itself as dirty (for obvious reasons) so merely taking part in such an activity can be a rush of doing something forbidden. Much in the same way some people enjoy sex in a public place where the possibility of being caught is real.

It also comes from changing it up every now and then. If you’re bent over and getting railed doggy style, it becomes a completely different act if it’s vaginal vs anal. Sex is great, but if you do the same thing every time, it can get boring. an*l is a relatively simple way to spice things up without requiring a ton of accoutrements, you just need some lube and trust.”