Quiz: Can You Spot the Added Detail in Each of These Famous Paintings?

Photo Credit: dalipaintings.net

Do you like art?

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

That’s accidental art, which is totally cool, but not really what I was getting at.

Photo Credit: Miami Herald

That is actual art made to look like an accident.

Definitely closer, but still not really what I was going for.

I thought we could stick to some of the more classical stuff.

Photo Credit: La Toma

Again, closer, but…

Do you just want to take the quiz already?

Alright. That’s fair.

See if you can spot the details that don’t belong.

These are all fairly well known paintings, but they are not, perhaps, the most widely known.

So you might have to do some guesswork.

Photo Credit: CMS Wire

Good luck:

How’d you do?

I got 5 out of 11.

I actually thought I’d do a lot better than that. Poo.

After taking the quiz, I feel like it could also be called something like, “Spot the Photoshop.”

What do you think?

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