Quiz: Can You Match the TV Show to the Fictional High School?

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I thought I would do really well with this quiz.

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I was wrong.

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I didn’t know any of these.

I guess I really wasn’t paying attention to where these fake people went to school.

Apparently I can only remember fictional high schools that aren’t on this quiz.

I remember where this dude went to school no problem:

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema


And of course I remember these guys’ school:

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They only said it, like, 50 times per episode…

I know Degrassi, too.

But it’s the title of the show.

Photo Credit: CBC

Actually, that’s all I know about it.

Well, none of those shows are on the quiz…


How’d you do?

Better than me, I hope.

I guessed on all of them and got three.

Statistically speaking, that’s terrible.

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