Random, Funny Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh When You’re Bored

©Unsplash,Brian Lundquist

I can see it…you’re bored and you’re desperately in need of a good laugh.

That’s where Twitter comes into play!

As you probably know, Twitter is full of humor and hilarity. And we all know that’s a great cure for boredom.

So let’s dig into some funny tweets and say bye-bye to your boring blues.

1. Funny how that works.

2. I get it!


3. That’s a huge letdown.

4. It’s a good one!


5. Start blending!

6. Hey o!


7. Abs won her over.

8. He’s gone forever.

9. Not a bad plan.

10. Historically accurate.


11. Where have you been?

12. That is unfortunate.

13. Holding on by a thread.

Not as bored right now, are you?

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Please and thank you!