You know what I think makes a person boring? People who don’t read books.

Folks who don’t read just blow my mind. I could read all day, every day for the rest of my life and I still wouldn’t be satisfied. On the other hand, I’m sure a lot of people out there would think that spending your free time reading is a complete waste of time, so to each their own.

In this article, AskReddit users went on the record and shared what they think makes a person BORING.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Those are pretty important.

“No sense of humor and/or sense of adventure.”

2. There’s a lot of that going around.

“Talking about nothing but themselves.”

3. Get another hobby.

“When they only talk about other people, like talking shit about people is their only personality.”

4. From a gay person…

“I’m gay and the worst kind of gay person is the one that everything in their life is about being gay.

It’s so fucking boring. I get it. You’re gay.. I’m gay too. Gay rights are important. Yes. The same sex is hot. I agree. Drag race is a fun show yep. But like, learn an instrument or read a book or something.”

5. Any input would be appreciated.

“Agreeing with everything you say but never offering anything unique.”

6. You get the gist.

“One dimensional personalities.

Like the “always negative” guy, the “I only talk about work” girl, or the “all we do is talk about our pets or children” couple. You get the gist.”

7. Nothing else matters.

“Having zero interests outside of work.”

8. Where’s the passion?

“Not being passionate about anything.”

9. Predictable AF.

“No creativity, no original ideas.

Everything is predictable.”

10. Stick to the plan.

“When they don’t ever do anything spontaneous, and act as if anything different/unique is weird and embarrassing.”

11. Not a fan of this.

“If their identity is rooted in rejecting things they dislike, instead of embracing things they like. It makes a person small, unidimensional and disconnected from the world. Have you ever noticed how, when people communicate their “unpopular opinions”, it’s always something they dislike?

Disliking things has become a trend, because by disliking something you risk absolutely nothing. By embracing something unpopular you do, and you actually become an individual.”

12. One-track mind.

“Having their personality centered around one single thing, and only that thing.”

13. I was so wasted, bro.

“People who’s only activity in life is smoking weed and drinking alcohol, talking about smoking weed and drinking alcohol, talking about how high or drunk they were, and wondering when the next time it is that they will smoke weed or drink alcohol, while also being very loud about all of it, in public, in front of anyone”

14. Put the phone down for a while.

“Spending every bloody second of every minute of their life on Facebook.”

15. Don’t have to agree on everything.

“When they agree with everything you agree with. You need to have your own opinions.”

16. Let’s move on.

“People who talk at length about people I don’t even know. My sister in law has been telling stories about her Grandpa for 20 years. I’ve never met him. They aren’t funny stories, just things he used to say, do, etc.”

17. Trends come and go.

“Following trends just because it’s trendy.”

18. Open up a little bit.


If you can’t appreciate a different lifestyle, opinion, belief, etc. because yours in the “right one”, then I can’t hold a conversation with you for more than 30 seconds.”

19. He’s still talking…

“My ex all he ever spoke about was work, one time he phoned me and I recorded myself saying yeah, and kept it playing as I went downstairs made a coffee and he didn’t even realise that I was gone and HE WAS STILL TALKING ABOUT WORK.”

20. This is a big one.

“No curiosity.”

21. The younger folks.

“Usually if they can’t have/be fun without drugs/alcohol/nicotine/caffeine then they’re a boring person.

That’s not always true, but especially with younger people it is.”

22. Let’s talk about your route.

“Talking about roads.

“So, which way did you come to get here?” “Oh, erm, I just went where my GPS told me to” “So was that the A637 or did you cut through the schnargle road way?” “I.. Don’t know! I just don’t know! ” “The 637 can be pretty bad with traffic this time of the morning, so you probably looped round the hurdy gurdy bypass” “LEAVE ME ALONE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! ” “

23. Let’s go over this again.

“Talks about the same thing every time you fail to avoid them

Always talks about how they have the shit end of the stick.”

24. Let’s talk about the glory days.

“Everyone who had the best time in their lives in high school.

Especially if they are 30+.”

All of those answers from people were pretty good.

What do you think? What makes a person boring?

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