Reddit Users Tell What Experiences Are So Worth It That Everyone Should Do Them At Least Once

Photo Credit: Pexels, ina Uhlíková

Every now and again Reddit users post a question that is not only thought-provoking but inspirational. Sure, Reddit is full of millions of posts, upvotes, silver and gold awards, but sometimes a post arises that might make us reconsider the our lives outside the app.

u/poppysan recently posed the question: “What is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime?” and users responded.

You’ll want to try a few of these things. Cause #YOLO…

10. Is u/hellogreeksalad still waiting for this moment?

“To tell someone that you love them, and have them look genuinely happy back at you.”

9. u/ErroXennin has magic powers, maybe.

“seeing the milky way with their own eyes”

8. Don’t we all, u/KvotheScamander

“Seeing yourself in the best shape of your life!”

7. u/BringOutYaThrowaway is probably singing “Solar Eclipse of the Heart”

“Total solar eclipse. It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights our solar system has to offer. After being directly in the line of totality in North America in 2017, I’m completely hooked now. Next one locally in 2024.”

6. u/bc_poop_is_funny has the summer memories.

“Hearing the ice cream truck music and running to you[r] mom for money then sprinting down the street in time to catch the ice cream truck”

u/chowesmith:“I work as an ice cream truck driver. Honestly one of the best parts of my job is looking in my mirror and seeing 10 year olds sprinting after my truck. Brings me all sorts of happy memories”

u/jackerb: “Fellow ice cream truck driver here! Is there a better job we could ask for? I work on an idyllic little island town and all day kids get stoked to get their Batman or spongebob pop, and I get to be the one to make them smile. Can’t beat it”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

5. There is no need for stranger danger in u/lanstargaryen’s life

“Spending a day/night with stranger and them never being in your life ever again. But when you think back on that, it puts a smile on your face or reminds of you a happy moment in life. Priceless. I am not talking about a one night stand as in just have sex when drunk and then leave. Like a stranger suddenly come into your life for a very very short time, and then the feeling or longing for that person again but knowing it will never happen. Like ever.”

4. u/awgepizza gets the music vibes

“Going to a concert of your favourite musician or a band. This is a truly amazing and life-changing experience. You feel so alive, as if there is no tomorrow.”

3. u/TheBagelofNuts has an interesting view on life experiences.

“Closing 76 tabs after a school project.”

2. MagicalMonarchOfMo is bringing on the Mindfulness!

“A real, genuinely challenging decision. Not just something that makes you think, but something that makes you worry, and stress a little, and worry in the immediate aftermath of the decision that you may not have made the right choice. And then just accepting it.

Because as much as it would be nice to live without worry, it’s important to learn that sometimes there won’t be an easy choice, but that things will work themselves out ultimately.”

1. Laughter is the best medicine per u/swornorbs

“Laughing to the point you can’t stand, breathe or even make any sign of communication but laughter.”

Other honorable mentions were seeing a beach sunrise and sleeping under a starry sky. All these things are magical if we are mindful. So get off your phones and go live!