People Share What They Think Are the Biggest Rip-Offs

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We’ve all splurged on expensive goods or services at least once in our lives, and sometimes those things bring value, while other times…other times they’re totally useless.

Useless isn’t always bad as long as an object brings you joy, but if your purchase doesn’t even do that? Well, maybe don’t put your money down, then.

A Redditor asked contributors to expose some of these major money-wasters. Let’s dig in!

10. Edible Gold

Apparently it’s not a seasoning.

“Any food or drinks with gold flakes, it does nothing for the taste.”


9. Abs Shortcut

Nothing can guarantee abs, ever!

“Those stimulation stomach belts that tell you it will give you six pack abs.”


8. Being a cheapskate is actually a waste.

Take it from this Redditor.

“Counter-intuitive but, buying cheap stuff to save money and then having to buy it again or pay for reparation.

Example: appliances, shoes and furniture.”


7. MLMs

Just stay away.

“Timeshares or any MLM program.”


6. Education

Well, in this context.

“An education for a degree you didn’t end up using but whose loans you are still paying off.”


5. Throwing a Fancy Wedding

Unless you can afford it without taking on debt, right?

“Throwing a lavish wedding.

I get that people want to make the day special, but you can still have a very nice wedding without breaking the bank.

Instead of spending so much on the wedding, you can use that money to help get your new life together as a married couple off to a great start!”


4. Paying for Cable

Especially with today’s streaming options.

“Cable TV. There are so many streaming options out there that cost a fraction of what cable costs.”


3. Club Alcohol

This is why pre-gaming exists.

“Alcohol at clubs!

15 dollars for a drink in NYC.

Flasking is the move!”


2. Freemium

Apps can be a rip-off.

“In-game purchases in apps.”


1. Um…cults are bad.

Moral of the story: be careful about the groups you join!

“I was in a cult for decades that asked for 10% of my income every time I got paid. If I didn’t pay it, I couldn’t access the super secret magic rituals that would let me into Heaven.

Also they asked me to work for them in a foreign country, for free, for two years convincing other people to join the cult. I was supposed to pay my own way. While this wasn’t exactly considered necessary to get into Super Extra Heaven, it was heavily implied that it would help. Also that my future spouse would be better looking if I did it.

Turns out my money, and the money of millions of others, is now sitting in a tax free, 100 billion dollar investment fund.”


Regardless of what you think of some of these opinions, you can be certain Reddit users will always find a way to entertain you with their insight.

What did you think of these “money-wasters”? Sound off in the comments!