16 Times People Who Were ‘Normal’ Turned out Not to Be

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Sometimes you think you know a person and they seem completely normal and then BAM!, you get blindsided, they show their true colors, and you find out they are, in fact, a creep.

Has this ever happened to you before?

Looks can be very deceiving…

AskReddit users shared their disturbing stories.

1. Wow, that’s weird.

“I worked at Circuit City as a teenager and was helping someone looking at TVs. My boss called me over and said he needed me up front to help at check out. Thought it was weird because there wasn’t a line, but whatever.

Turns out the guy I was helping was Drew Peterson, who has since been convicted of murder. This was back when he was just a suspect, but my boss recognized him from the news and didn’t want to compromise my safety.”

2. Scary AF.

“Many, many years ago I lived in Cancun and met a very charming man who ended up dating one of my friends.

We would go out in his car to go to the beach, out for dinner and what not. my kids would even come along once in a while.

He was always in a good mood, all smiles, though later I discovered his father had been kidnapped and never found. One day he told us he was sure he was going to end up being kidnapped too, probably tortured and killed. I never understood what was going on.

I moved back to my hometown and some months later I saw in the newspaper that 3 tortured bodies had been found on the side of the road from Cancun to Merida. One was my “friend” (the charming man) and I was in complete shock

When I found out who he was I could not believe it. He was a big hitman from the zeta cartel, was involved in all sorts of criminal activity including trafficking of children (he was the bodyguard of a very known child predator and CP producer in Cancun).

I can not stop thinking how I could have been kidnapped along with this man just like the other two were just for being there at the wrong time. My children were in danger and I didn’t even know. It is scary AF.”

3. No more of that.

“I chatted with a random guy in the laundry room of our apartment complex. He was nice, friendly, out going kind of fellow. Skinny thing.

A few weeks later I ran into him and his girlfriend on the elevator. I said “Hey Mike, how’s it going?”

He proceeded to tell me how it was not going well for him: He’d been evicted from our apartment complex because he had like eight people living with him, had been stabbed while he was on the bus coming home from an AA meeting, was recovering from the stab wound when his girlfriend (the one who was with him in the elevator at that very moment) broke up with him, his side piece was pregnant and the bitch in the front office wanted him to turn in his key ASAP.

I was just kind of like “Cool, cool. Well, see you around.””

4. Only three years?

“I was in a reenactment group when I was younger, along with my family and others. Two of the dad’s were like the head honchos, running the show, and they did it wonderfully. We were a part of this group for years.

Then come to find out that one of those head honchos had been sexually abusing his daughter since she was seven … she was 15 when it came out.

He only did 3 years.”

5. This is crazy.

“Worked with a woman for two years at a child-related business, perfectly normal mother type with multiple children. While we worked together, she was on vacation, took her youngest child (2y/o) out on a hike and stabbed him in the chest with a chef’s knife. She then called 911 and frantically reported they had been mugged. The police knew something was up because she also said nothing had been taken.

Child miraculously survived, and it came out later that an affair she was having had been exposed that night before the stabbing. Turns out the child was a product of the affair. Talk about misplaced blame…”

6. America’s Most Wanted.

“Back in the late 90s, I had a friend from work whose brother hung out with us a few times when we’d go out. He seemed normal.

A few years later, he allegedly (his family maintains he’s innocent) set off a couple of bombs at biotech companies as part of some extreme animal rights group he’d gotten mixed up in. He managed to evade the FBI and disappeared. It being shortly after 9/11, the FBI put him in their top-10 for a while and America’s Most Wanted did a profile on him. As far as I know, he’s never been caught.

I’ve seen his picture a couple of times in movies when some cop is searching a database of suspects and it’s always a weird blast-from-the-past moment.”

7. Sounds like a long night.

“I went night fishing, started chatting with the guy in the swim next to me and cooked some bbq had a beer and a normal chat. As the night drew on he pulled out a pipe and started smoking some crack and banging on about how the earth was flat… it was quite a long night and I didnt even catch a fish.”

8. This is terrifying.

“There was a guy in my Sunday school classes who seemed normal, even somewhat interesting company. Then one night all the students and their parents were called to the church and we learned that guy was a serial rapist. His attendance in Sunday school was part of a long con to groom a girl as his next victim.”

9. One way ticket.

“Met a random elder gentleman while walking back to my car after a night out. The guy was dressed in khakis and a college sweatshirt and looked harmless. He asked for a few bucks and informed me that he was new to the area and down on his luck.

Turned out that the Illinois Department of Corrections had given him a 1-way bus ticket to Atlanta. He had just finished a +20 year sentence for murdering his ex-wife and her lover. He was trying to reconnect with his daughter who he hadn’t seen since she was a little kid.”

10. Holy shit!

“I worked with a guy that was later found guilty of murder by intentionally leaving his toddler in a hot car. My ex-wife and I even had dinner with him and his wife. Everything seemed completely normal.”

11. A real troublemaker.

“Knew a kid in high school who was nice to me, and so I would hang out with him from time to time. He was always getting into trouble tho, and I finally stopped hanging out with him after he brought a knife to school. Fast forward five year. He is now in prison for shooting a man to death over a pound of weed.”

12. Doing life in prison.

“I went to a family gathering with my wife at the time that included a brother of hers that was rarely around. He was something of the black sheep of the family. It was my first time meeting him. He was nice, we played some volleyball in the pool, chatted, had a few beers. It was a great day.

Found out the following week that he was wanted by the police at the time of the party for abducting and murdering his ex-girlfriend. He is currently in prison for the rest of his life. That was surreal as shit to discover.”

13. Absolutely terrible.

“My 18 year old daughter dated this guy for about 5 months. She told me he was a little weird at times. I just thought he was super shy. He called me mom. He would play video games with my son. They moved in together and he changed from being a hard worker to not going to work and expecting her to provide financially and do all the chores. She went out of town and came back to find he hadn’t taken good care of her dog. She broke up with him.

The next day he killed her.

I was in total shock. I didn’t believe he could do something so terrible. I even went and saw him when he turned himself in 2 days later, to hear it from him. He did it. He didn’t seem to have guilt. Now he stares at me in court. He smirks. He laughs. He was given a plea agreement and will be sentenced on March 23rd. He will only get 16 to 25 years. It’s not fair.

Finding my daughter’s murdered body and hearing him say he was the one who did that to her showed me even the most normal seeming person may not be normal at all.”

14. Read this whole story.

“Back in like 2005/6, in my early days of music I was on tour in the US, I was about 18/19 and at that time I was in a band that didn’t make any money so naturally we slept on floors and such after shows.

We played a midwestern city that we did really well in, had a lot of friends in the area and what not. Next show was only two hours away so we stay with a kid from the show that was a fan, I end up going off and spending most of the night with a girl I’d end up dating, but returned back pretty late. Next day, kid decides he wants to go to the show two hours away. He liked smoking pot and so did I so me and one other of our guys just rode with him to the show so we could smoke weed.

Anyways, fast forward like 3 or 4 days later and we get a call from someone in that city letting us know the kid had been arrested, charged with murdering his dad and keeping him in the deep freeze of his house. The house we stayed in. The body was in there while we were there.

It was crazy because he seemed like a normal dude, nothing off about him. Apparently his father was very abusive and there’s a lot of nuances in the story, but either way, he still killed his dad with an axe.”

15. Compulsive liar.

“I once hired a guy who seemed completely normal. He was friendly enough in his interview and his resume was perfect for the position.

Shortly after he started, I started getting reports of odd behavior. He turned out to be a pathological liar of the highest order.

Like, not even remotely believable shit would come out of this guy’s mouth. He claimed he used to be an international arms dealer and Ghadaffi had once bought him lunch. He claimed to have overdosed on heroin and was then rolled up in a carpet by MS-13 gang members and left for dead in a river. Shit like that.

He was an early-20s obvious gamer who still lived with his parents (it was an entry level position) and didn’t have a driver’s license, so there was no way any of this could possibly have been true.

That was weird enough, but he also made super uncomfortable comments all the time and was just generally unsettling. He would talk about his gun collection a lot (although I doubt he actually had one), and would get super offended and glower and mope if anyone was skeptical about his stories.

None of this was really actionable from an HR standpoint, because he’d managed to make it through his 90-day probation period without weirding anyone out too badly, so he couldn’t be dismissed without cause.

I was finally able to get rid of him when he started fixating on a black coworker and making wildly racist comments to her.

That was one of the only times I ever had to fire somebody on the spot and have security walk them out. No write ups, no counseling, just immediate termination. And it was satisfying. I didn’t realize how tense the whole office had become until everyone finally relaxed when he was gone.”

16. Lock him up and throw away the key.

“We had a friend of the family that would always talk to us about going to his summer camp, cool guy , the only thing was my dad did not like to send us away on summer and would rather have us work with him at his store, turns out the guy was a pedophlie and would molest and take pics of the camp kids.”

Yikes…those stories are pretty disconcerting.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

If so, please share with us in the comments!