People Are Sharing Stories About Supernatural Experiences They’ve Had

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We live in a world governed by science, but that doesn’t mean we have an explanation for everything.

Sure, many people don’t believe in ghosts or other supernatural beings, but is it fair to discount the possibility that they exist?

One Reddit AMA asked people to reveal things they’ve seen or been through that can’t be easily explained.

10. The Sliding Gel Cap

“When I was a kid I was putting on gel in front of the mirror. My bedroom door was locked. When I finished I tried placing the lid back on the jar with my sticky gel hands. I dropped it and hit my foot and it slid under the bed. I was like fuck and dried my hands with the little towel. Then, as I was bending over to pick the lid from under the bed, it slid back out. On its own.

I didn’t panic or anything but I did look under the bed and there was absolutely nothing where it could’ve bounced off of. Also; by the time I reached for it, it wouldn’t make sense either way.

It’s not a scary or interesting story with poltergeist activity and humanoid characters but I always think about it. What was it? What pushed the lid back out? I’ll never have an answer.”—bukowsk

9. The Girl in the Dream

“So many, many years ago I was dating a girl, now that’s supernatural in and of itself but there’s more.

I cared for her deeply, first relationships will do that to you, but she was in a bad way. Too much partying, too many drugs, hanging with what is absolutely the wrong crowd, and some very illegal shit after she broke up with me that I’m really not comfortable discussing. A couple of years go by, I think of her on occasion and hope she’s doing better but not terribly often.

Then one night I have the dream. In it she’s standing by my bed and reassuring me that everything is okay, she’s better now, and there’s no need to worry about her anymore. Odd dream, but I don’t think much of it until two days later when I catch sight of a newspaper with a story about having found a who had gone missing.

She OD’ed on heroin the night I had the dream.

She wasn’t a saint, but she’d also come up a bad way and, according to what mutual friends had relayed to me, I’d been one of the few people who really cared about her. I don’t really have an explanation for what happened, but I like to think that she wanted to make sure I knew she was going to be alright.

It’s part of what leaves me firmly believing in some sort of afterlife.”—LooseCannonK

8. Story of a Sentient TV

“I have an old tv my parents bought way back in 1986, when they were living in Germany. When I was little, that tv was retired from the main family tv to the basement tv, and my bedroom was in the basement. I very clearly remember waking up in the middle of the night, frequently and randomly, for years and laying down on the couch in front of that tv. It would turn itself on and play music for me so I could fall asleep on the couch. As I’ve grown older, moved from place to place with it, it’s done other things . . .turning on to full screeching static when my toaster caught fire while I was in another room, or dramatically turning off and not coming back on when I’ve been awake for too long. . .weird shit, really.

I don’t know what’s up with it, or inside it, but there’s something in there, and it’s my oldest and most loyal friend.

Edit: first, thank you kind stranger for the gold. Second, it is a Hitachi brand tv, they bought it on a military base post exchange.”—Kepheo

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7. Reappearing Items

“I had just moved into my first apartment. It was a very small studio in a not so great neighborhood. I was 21. I started noticing things going missing after a couple of weeks. A nice pair of underwear. A charm bracelet. Things I thought maybe I left somewhere or lost or misplaced. Until I noticed a picture of me and my friend i had on my fridge was gone. I was perplexed. I turned my apartment upside down. No picture. Over the course of the year, little things would just disappear. I even went to the office and asked how many employees had access to my apartment. The office manager showed me the safe with the keys and showed me the log of who takes what key when. None of the dates added up to missing items. I was perplexed. I was about 2 weeks from moving out because my lease was up and I was moving in with my boyfriend. A storm came in and damaged the apartment building, roof and HVAC. Maintenance let me know they’d be coming in to replace ductwork and replenish insulation. The guys come in, go in my bedroom closet, and lo and behold, there’s a panel leading to this weird attic space that spans the entire half of the apartment (4 homes). I had no idea it was there and the maintenance guys assure me that its only accessible from my apartment. I decided to poke my head up an look about while they were up there. In the back corner above my bedroom, was what I can only describe as a shrine of my stuff. My underwear, picture, jewelry, all of my missing items. All together. Placed in a triangle. I got so freaked out i just left it all there. I moved into my boyfriend’s house that night. I had him and his friends move my things for me so I didn’t have to go back. I told the apartment manager but she didn’t seem to care at all. I get physically ill when I talk about it still because I know someone was watching me that whole time and I had no clue.”—thebluntfairy

6. Was it a UFO?

“In the middle of the 90s we visited some family at their farm in another country … and the place was super rural, like they had some pipe coming out of the side of some mountin for fresh water and one of this dumpster toilets that are actually just a hole in the ground, and if its full, they throw earth on it and dig a new one.

So, it was in the middle of summer and super frigging hot, even at night. I had awoken around 3am because I needed to take a leak and went outside to go to that little shithole in the ground. There was nearly no electric light outside, so no light polution, just a brilliant starlit sky all over and around me. So I looked up and let it sink in and just enjoyed the moment, when suddenly a thick, fat, gleaming lightbeam raced from left to right over the sky, STOPPED freaking in the middle, hung there for about 0,5-1s and then raced off to the right. The whole thing lasted for less then 2s, but it left me dumbfounded. I was never a big UFO believer, but dayum, what the fuck was that?”—Akumakaji

5. At Least A Force Was With This Redditor

“When a strange force pulled me 12 blocks through my small town one night, I just sort of felt like walking and as I went on the impulse got stronger until I could tell exactly where I was going, the location had 0 significant relevance to me or my life and when I got to one end of the field there was a small black figure sitting in the spot I felled I was supposed to go, I realized how weird the situation was and sprinted all the way home. It was super strange and 6 years later I’ve never had anything at all similar happen. It started by meditating in a dark space on my porch.”—TheRealTrumanShow

4. Haunted By Cowboy Boots

“I grew up in my grandparent’s house, which was an extremely old house that used to operate as a store. It was later comverted to a house and then my grandparents bought it. One day my grandma and I are sitting in the kitchen, I’m reading a book and she was perusing a magazine, when we hear a sound loud and clear. The sound of cowboy boots walking around in the room above us. Very distinct footfalls and they couldn’t be confused with another sound, if you know what cowboy boots on hardwood floors sound like. My grandma and I look up at one another and I remember whispering to her “I thought we were the only ones home.” We were the only ones home at the time and I was never comfortable in that house by myself again, especially since my bedroom was upstairs next to the empty one with the footsteps.”—CountingScars94

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3. This String of Overlaps

“My randomly assigned college roommate and I felt deeply connected the moment we met for the first time. We were inseparable right away as if we had never really been strangers.

Months later, we randomly find out that our mothers were pregnant at the exact same time in the same city in a country that neither of us are originally from. They were in that country for two completely separate and oddly specific reasons (so we’re not talking your ordinary beach vacay). She is from the US and I’m from a European country. Up until that point there had been no overlap in our lives except for the 9 months our pregnant mothers unknowingly lived on the same street in a foreign country. A couple of weeks prior to giving birth, they both moved back to their respective countries.

It’s been 10 years and she is still one of my best friends.

(And no, we don’t have the same dad so please don’t suggest that haha).”—parkavenueWHORE

2. The Invisibility Corner

“Once when I was a little kid (hadn’t started school yet), my siblings and I were playing hide and seek. I hid in one of the bedrooms between a bunk bed and the wall. It was a corner hiding spot a window on the wall the bed wasn’t on. I just sat in the corner waiting to be found, back to the wall, bed to my left, and wall with a window to my right. I didn’t have anything covering me, so if you looked in the corner, you’d see me, right? Apparently, not. I remember that multiple people (siblings and parents) had looked into the corner but never said they found me, so I just kept sitting there. Eventually, my parents called the police. They could not find me. I came out after a while confused as to why no one had found me and wondering why the police were here. To this day my family (me included) joke that I can turn invisible.”—Cmixoops

1. This Sweet Gesture

“I had a cat named Rocky. He liked going out and was always chased by the colony dogs but was never caught. Then one day he fell really sick and died a few days after that. Even the vet couldn’t treat him. Anyway, so I was holding him in my arms when he passed away (in my house). Not give seconds after his death, every single street dog in the colony came close to my house and started howling. Later I found out that all the pet dogs that Rocky had interacted with anytime in his life, had also howled. I seem to think that it was maybe a howl of respect that they could never catch him? Idk. All I know is that it was very bizzare. RIP Rocky. I will always love you.”—Fransisco_03

These experiences ranged from strange to sweet, but there’s no reasonable explanation for them. Do you have any such stories you’d like to share too? We’re always ears!