People Are Sharing What Their 13-Year-Old Selves Would Think of Them

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As teens, we make major plans, devise a way to accomplish our dreams, and brag about these to our peers. But we know now that adulting is difficult, and circumstances can often derail what we wanted.

If we’re lucky, hard work, discipline, and a good attitude can help us overcome challenging circumstances and thrive. A Reddit thread asked people to share what their 13-year-old selves would think of the adults they now are. Some answers are sarcastic, while others are vulnerable. Let’s take a look!

30. Short and Honest

See example below:

“See? You still don’t know what you’re doing.”—DianaPolly

29. Kids Are Brutal

This is a wake-up call.

“You make an awful lot of money to always be broke.”—NotWrongOnlyMistaken

28. Adults Are Complex

Growing up is hard.

“He would think I had turned into a bad person till I had a chance to sit him down. Then we would both be sad.”—omegacrunch

27. 13-Year-Olds Are Tough Judges

As we can see here.

“My 13 year old self would kick my ass for being a lazy ass and not living my dreams. I probably peaked at 13.”—Limp_Distribution

26. A Practical Answer

There are perks to adulting after all.

“He’d fucking hate me. But that’s fine, because one of the perks of being an adult is no longer caring what 13 year olds think.”—_waxy_

25. Disappointed and Angry

Sometimes okay is the best you can do.

“Disappointed and angry, I came out ok, but 13 yo me had much higher expectations, the fact that I smoke weed would piss off 13 yo me . Also that I’m not a professional hockey player, but c’mon.”—ad1877

24. Seems Like This Redditor Is Better Off

Seriously, you might agree after reading.

“Honestly I’m not too worried about what that cynical little brat would think of me. I’m pretty sure she survived solely on hatred and apple juice, so her ability to hold a positive opinion on anything is questionable.”—emiserable

23. This One Would Make Their Younger Self Proud!

Not everyone failed!

“Dang, you have friends now, I’m impressed.”—Tatopami

22. Neutral Responses Welcome

At least for this Redditor.

“I think he’d be ok with who I am, he might not fully understand, but it wouldn’t be negative either.”—Tinkrr2

21. She’d Be Proud!

That’s what we like to hear.

“My 13 year old self would be so freaking stoaked at where I am in life. I have a degree in what I always wanted, I work for the Smithsonian, and I’m dating a tattooed bearded drummer. She would be proud of me for sure.”—ZebraCard

20. She’d Be Amazed!

This is heartwarming.

“Very similar, 13 yr old me would be a little amazed. Career in service of others, dream degree, musician/filmmaker super great husband with these cute kids, living in my dream city. I was a determined lil lady.”—tomatogrey

19. A Realistic Story

Realism is good too.

“I think he’d be pretty okay with it, I’m not where I thought I’d be but I’ve got a decent job which could become a good career, I’ve been involved with sports to a very high level, further than I thought I’d ever get, have an amazing fiancee, and still sometimes get to play video games.

If that’s not enough for 13 year old me, well, he can only blame himself.

I’m 25 now for reference.”—Scorpius94

18. Technology is a Marvel…

And many of us might agree with this post!

“Shocked into silence that I carry around a computer/TV/camcorder/camera/walkman/Jetson’s-like video phone, casually in my back pocket.”—De-Nomolos

17. Some Things Never Change

An example below.

“Wow, the exact same.”—Zonian88

16. Accomplishments Abound!

Drawing is hard.

“Wow, I’m gonna get really good at drawing!”—Spinel-Fluid

15. She’d Be Confused

People don’t always get the job they thought they’d have.

“I think they’d be impressed with what I’ve done, also confused at the fact I chose to become a teacher.”—SaintedStars

14. Interesting Joke Here

Someone had to state the obvious.

“He’d think, ‘This reddit question is probably not something meant to be answered by a 13 year old.'”—TheMemPotato

13. A Vulnerable Response

With some advice to boot.

“Honestly it would be a mixed bag. He would be so happy to see that the future holds stability for him and his family. He would be happy to know that he finally made some lifelong friends, found his identity, and embraced being gay, especially since he was so isolated and afraid and adrift back then.

He might be sad to know he developed anxiety and depression. He might not want to hear about how lonely he is in his early 20s, even with all of his cool and amazing friends. It might pain him to know how much grief he will come to feel over family and the struggles they have ahead.

But he would definitely be proud that he overcame the struggles of his childhood that were still eating away heavily at him back then, to go on to start a fairly decent adult life.

I’d love to go back and tell him to be afraid of far less than he was, to enjoy so much more than he has, and to step up and be a better brother and son than he had been.”—randomnws

12. Some Surprises Are Good.

And others are great.

“I just started working as a doctor last week. I think my 13 year old self, after disappointing himself during some big exams he had to do when he was 12, would be quite surprised I managed to get to where I am. He didn’t think very well of himself back then because of his grades, so I think he would be very heartened so see where I am now and how much potential he had in himself.. once he realised that his biggest limiting factor was himself.”—mbasyar

11. A Lot Changed

And it was good.

“She’d be amazed and surprised and proud and shocked. A lot has changed, and I live an amazing life beyond her imagination. I do a job she’d never considered in a place she’d never heard of. I’ve shed a lot of ideas she felt strongly about, and developed in ways she never would have expected.”—mistresshippo

10. Thinking About This Is Stressful

Says this Redditor.

“Why u gotta go there man my night went from mild to moderately stressful?”—ponkpink

9. Time Travel Much?

Because this Redditor seems like they’d need it!

“He would be asking for investment tips and planning to avoid my mistakes. My present self would reap the benefit of those experiences.”—iambluest

8. She’d Be in Disbelief!

In the best way!

“I think about this a lot and I reckon 13 year old me would not believe my life – I live on the other side of the world, have come out of my shell and am not hiding from challenges and adventures.

Also – I finally bought that Gwen Stefanie No Doubt t-shirt 13 year old me would’ve killed for.”—LolaCampari

7. A Pet Snake Could Impress Anyone

Especially a 13-year-old!

“She would be disappointed to know I’m not in college and I haven’t touched my guitar or piano in ages. But pretty damn stoked that I have a chill af office job, my own place and the freedoms that come with it, a loving, supportive boyfriend and a pet snake. Not to mention all the personal growth, life lessons, and confidence that came from the trauma she will endure from 14-19. I think when she sees the person I have become, she would be very happy, and I wish I could actually talk to her because I have a lot to tell her haha.”—MissMetalSix

6. They’d Send Help!

Or spiritual counseling.

“My 13 year old self would look at me and see someone lost and in need of God. He would think that I was living a full life so that I could hide from the knowledge I’d go to hell. Secretly he would be jealous that I actually lived my life. 13 year old me was a religious prick.”—Johntonimobay

5. He’d Appreciate These Simple Details

Who doesn’t love video games?

“He’d reeeeally love my TV and XBox setup.”—JDLovesTurk

4. It’s a Mixed Bag.

“At first, I think he’d be resentful, angry, ashamed, and heartbroken. I had dreams of being in a huge band back then; I was the lead singer of one for 10 years that ultimately went nowhere, and last year the guy who started it with me won a big contest we tried to enter for 6 years in a row with a band he joined behind my back, and now they’re probably gonna get a record deal and blow up. I also got a music degree and pivoted right into working in weed, so there’s another millennial pissing away a bachelor’s.

But then he’d learn about some of the trauma that happened in all that time, most of it unrelated to the band but the one largest incident being related to it, and how much I’ve learned since then. All the insights I’ve made about myself and my family, and all the work I’ve been putting in on all that stuff would become apparent to him pretty quickly, I think. And there’s this self confidence I didn’t have before, that if 13-year-old me saw, I think would really be shocked by.

And I love myself so much now; I’m hilarious, cute, smart as a fucking whip, loud, energetic, and boldly outside any & all boxes. And while being egotistical isn’t really a trait I think should be admired, the same can’t be said of 13-year-old beardydrums22. That kid stepped on a social landmine any time he tried to do anything, especially around his family, and he couldn’t trust his instincts. I do now, more than ever. And frankly? I think he’d be more excited for that in his future than any other feeling.”—beardydrums22

3. A Lot of Artists on This Thread

And they’ve all improved consistently.

“Happy to see that she’s gonna be less depressed. Probably a little disappointed with where my life went, but probably also amazed at how my art has improved.”—meanyapickles

2. This Redditor Is Smiling

Self-acceptance is awesome!

“He would be so fucking happy. I’ve made some great friends who actually love me for me, am not ashamed of any of my somewhat geeky hobbies, went to Disneyland twice last year (my #1 childhood dream) and I have the greatest girlfriend ever.

I’m smiling now, thanks for this post OP.”—NotTheCinemassacre

1. One Redditor Was an Infiltrator!

At least we almost fell for it.

“He would be weirded out, we look exactly the same, talk exactly the same, have the same build, height, everythin- yeah I’m 13.”—FreezyMei420

Making dreams come true is no easy task, but at least many people began their journey with some big goals. And hey, there’s still time to keep reaching for them.

What did you think of these posts? Do you want to share what your 13-year-old self would think of you? We’re all ears!