Rent Out This Entire Island in Italy for About $100 per Person Each Night

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own island one day? How about a private island getaway for you and your close friends or family?

It’s not for sale, but if you’re looking to get away with a group of close friends, you can rent out the entire Island of Falconera in Venice Lagoon for about $100 PER PERSON.

Look at this place!

Image Credit: Airbnb

Anna, the Airbnb host, currently rents the island out for $112 a night for one or two people, but the island can accommodate up to 16 guests total.

If you can find 15 friends to bring along, the total cost of $774 per night divided by 16 comes out to just under $50 a night per person.

Image Credit: Airbnb

This private island is located next to Cavallino-Treporti, and can only be reached via an eight minute boat ride from Cavallino-Treporti Church, says hostess Anna.

The lodging provided is described as a “typical Venetian Farmhouse” complete with 6 private rooms (9 beds total), a shared kitchen and three shared bathrooms. There is also a spacious dining room and loft.

Image Credit: Airbnb

Although there is no Wifi to be found, guests have run of the entire island. Pictures posted on the Aibnb indicate there are ponies and dogs for guests to interact with, as well as plenty of island to explore.

Guest Xander says in his review of the island,

“The lodging itself was neat; historic in feel, right down to the squeaky floorboards…Their dogs were a lot of fun, and we enjoyed their homemade honey that they shared for breakfast…All things considered, if you can find a convenient way to travel there, if they’re not having a hot water issue, and if you either don’t mind bugs or just shut all the doors and windows, the day time was picturesque and like straight out a book.”

Image Credit: Airbnb

While it might have some rough edges, it’s still an island, and it’s still yours for the night!

One thing’s for sure, no matter what, you’ll have a truly unique experience and memory to share in the future.

Would you rent out Island Falconera? Who would you bring with you? Share your plans in the comments!