Ryan Reynolds Made a Gin Commercial Starring the Peloton Wife

Image Credit: Twitter

You’ve probably heard and/or seen the holiday Peloton ad – the one that definitely didn’t go the way the company wanted? It features a wife and mother who receives an exercise bike, then goes on to document her fitness journey online.

The problem is that it sort of plays like a horror movie in which the woman is forced to act like a happy wife and mother who loves working out, but is in fact being held against her will.

Monica Ruiz, the actress, blames her eyebrows, but it turns out the odd commercial might be great for her career – because Ryan Reynolds already hired her to make a commercial for Aviation American Gin.


In it, the Peloton-gifted wife is drinking gin at a bar with her friends after (maybe?) separating from her kidnapper/spouse. Or at least recovering from her traumatic year with the Peloton.

“You are safe here,” one friend says as the women share a toast “to new beginnings.”

Ruiz drains her glass and asks for another, and all’s well that ends well, I suppose.


Most people think it’s hilarious…except Sean Hunter, who played the husband in the original ad. He isn’t as amused by the situation as everyone else.

“Five seconds of air time has created an array of malicious feedback that is all associated with my face. As it continues to be screenshot online, I wonder what repercussions will come back to me. I pride myself on being a great teacher and developing actor and I can only hope this affects neither.”

Time will tell, but I mean, maybe he’ll get a second, better commercial opportunity as well?

You never know, but as for Reynolds and Ruiz, the internet is loving the addition to the “Peloton Cinematic Universe.”

And you know, I do feel a little bad for both actors, who likely never expected that booking an innocuous Christmas ad for an exercise bike would blow up online, for better or worse. But this is who we are as a society now.


Watch your face, folks. There are repercussions for days.