The “Peloton Wife” Speaks Out, Says Her Face Was The Problem In TV Commercial

Image Credit: YouTube

By now, you’ve probably seen that Peloton ad and read all of the jokes. Just in case, here’s a recap: a husband gifts his wife a Peloton exercise bike for Christmas, and she then makes home videos of her exercise journey.

As opposed to seeing a nice moment between spouses, the internet sees something more akin to a hostage video or a horror film.

Now, Monica Ruiz, the actress who plays “the wife,” is taking the blame for the whole ruckus.

“Honestly, I think it was just my face,” Ruiz told the Today show’s Hoda Kotb. “It was my fault. My eyebrows looked worried, I guess. People were like, ‘She looked scared.'”

She also says she can see how people think she looked worried in the ad, because her eyebrows “move.” That said, she hates that her performance might have ruined a company (Peloton lost over a billion dollars in market capitalization after the commercial came out, which is insane), and that’s why she decided to speak out for herself.

Image Credit: YouTube

“I was like, Ok, I’ll just let everyone know I’m fine,” she said. “I’m OK, I’m not in a rehab for mental health anywhere.”

She’s just an actress who hopes to book more work soon, god love her.

Image Credit: YouTube

“I hope people can remember that I’m not actually the ‘Peloton lady’ and let me work other jobs,” she said (Ryan Reynolds was clearly listening).

Peloton stood by the ad saying it was “disappointed in how some have misinterpreted” it.