Samsung’s Newest TV Boxes Can Be Made Into Cat Houses

Photo Credit: Pexels

One of the world’s greatest mysteries, right up there alongside Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle, is why cats love cardboard boxes so much. Get them all the toys you want but at the end of the day, they’ll probably be chilling in a shoebox you tossed aside. You know what they say: “If I fits, I sits.”

Samsung decided to just go ahead and give the people, er, cats what they want, creating TV boxes that can later be turned into cat houses.

Just look how pleased he looks about his new humble abode!

Photo Credit: Samsung

And this one in navy blue, which we think complements his white fur quite nicely:

Photo Credit: Samsung

The boxes are made of eco-friendly cardboard and come with patterns to guide you in turning them into useful things, like a cozy little spot for your cat to hang out.

Aside from being a really great marketing stunt, the boxes are also the ultimate form of recycling. Instead of flattening Samsung’s boxes and taking them to their local recycling center, TV purchasers can simply reuse the box for a totally new purpose.

Photo Credit: Samsung

If cats aren’t your thing, the boxes can also transform into small entertainment centers or magazine racks.

Cool, cool, but I think we’ll stick with the cat houses, but thanks anyway Samsung.

Photo Credit: Samsung

These boxes are really clever. Now, who’s going to want to run out and buy a new TV more, the humans or the cats of the world?

What’s your favorite recycling hack? We’d love to learn from you.

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