San Diego Uber Driver Exacts Revenge After Customer Refuses to Pay for Her Ride

Uber drivers really see it all, don’t they? Considering that they drive at all times of day and night, and have no idea what their passengers will be like before they meet, it’s a wonder that they’re often so cheerful and patient.

This is extra true when you consider how many Uber drivers encounter customers who are a bit entitled.

One San Diego-based driver shared that back in 2018, a lot of customers were privy to a trick. If they didn’t want to pay for their ride, they would “accidentally” cancel the ride during the trip.

After canceling the trip, the customers would often ask if the driver would just finish the drive. You know, since it was an “accident” and all.

This driver got fed up with the tactic and decided to exact revenge.

Uber was super popular in the region at the time (and still is), so business was pretty great. That is, when customers would pay.

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This had to be such an annoying thing to experience. Customers looking for free rides is the worst! A lot of Uber drivers really need the money.

The driver says they picked up a new customer and could tell this person had money so assumed it would be fine.

Unfortunately, she canceled the ride… as it was happening.

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The driver asked the woman to rebook the route, considering it was already happening… but she said no.

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The woman flat-out insisted that the driver keep going, even though she clearly had no plans to pay.

So the driver came up with a new plan.

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So the exit signs are getting smaller, they’re getting closer to the border… she’s probably totally freaking out!

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Hopefully, this customer learned a little lesson in not acting entitled when you’re trying to scam someone who is providing you a service. Uber drivers are people, too.

Some people had a few thoughts about what happened…

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Because this is kind of a crazy situation…

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And what would you do?

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