Scientists Discover That Thick Hips and Thighs Might Lead to a Lower Mortality Rate

There’s a whole new meaning to “Thick thighs save lives.”

A study conducted by the BMJ recorded two significant findings in the relationship between body fat and mortality.

  1. Body fat on the belly increases your chances of dying at an early age of any cause.
  2. Body fat on the hips and thighs actually lower your chances of an early death.

Pear-shaped folk – it’s time to celebrate! We’re already a leg up on our fitness game.

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The medical journal’s findings indicate that BMI alone is a poor marker of health. These researchers found that different waist-to-hip ratios had significant effects the participants’ health prospects.

For example, a four inch increase in the waist led to an 11% jump in mortality.

On the other hand, a two inch increase in thigh circumference led to an 18% decrease in mortality.

This study involved close to 2.5 million people – so it’s safe to say these findings might be the rule rather than the exception.

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Still, it’s possible that this study could be something of a feedback loop.

Thigh circumference is not only determined by body fat – it’s also determined by the size of lower body muscles like your quads.

In general, larger and stronger muscles in the thighs tend to be a strong indicator of good health.

So, it’s important for us to stay in tune with our bodies and figure out what exactly they’re made of.

That’s how we figure out what they need.

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Every body is different, but each needs a specific regimen of care and attention.

Whether that’s yoga, stretching, intense exercise, a certain diet, or just plain rest – it’s up to you to figure out what’s best for your vessel.

Just repeat the trusty mantra – thick thighs really do save lives.

A little body positivity is always a nice way to start the day. What’s something you love about your body? Share with us in the comments below!