Shakespeare Meets Cards Against Humanity in This Swear-y Party Game

Image Credit: Instagram

Cards Against Humanity took the world by storm a few years back, getting families everywhere into uncomfortable silence as they slowly realized had to explain what an*l beads are to grandma.

Just me?

It might be better played among friends and peers, but either way, people just love being delightfully wrong and calling it wholesome fun.


Shakespeare, as you may or may not know, delighted in thumbing his nose at convention – and also in creating hilariously original insults to fling around at your friends.

If you put the two things together, how could you possibly go wrong?

You can’t.

Introducing Bards Dispense Profanity, a party game based on the works of William Shakespeare.


Much like Cards Against Humanity, the game contains 100 “mock-serious” prompts and 375 answers copied word-for-word from the works of Shakespeare. Each player chooses an answer and submits their card anonymously to the “Profanity Judge,” who then choose the best (dirtiest and/or funniest).


The winner is the next judge and the first person to win a set number of rounds is the winner – it’s the Apples to Apples model we know and love.


Tim Cassedy, an assistant literature professor at Souther Methodist University in Dallas, created the game (along with his team). They also created Dick, a similar card game inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.


You can grab one or both on Amazon for around $25 each.

There’s little chance you’ll be sorry, you froward and unable worms. I know how you are.