She Asked Her Husband to Stop Waking up Early to Exercise on Vacation. Is She Wrong?

Some people are never 100% on vacation

And that could mean that they can’t stop working or, in this case, they stick to their usual routine and get up early to exercise.

So did this woman act like a jerk by asking her husband to stop waking up early to exercise on vacation?

Check out her story below and see what you think.

AITA for asking my husband to stop waking up early to exercise while on vacation?

“My husband usually wakes up early so he can work out daily.

During our vacation our son was sleeping in the same bed as us as he wouldn’t sleep otherwise. Every single time my husband got up to exercise it would wake our son up which meant I had to wake up at 5am too. A lot of the time our son would be in a bad mood from having been woken up early too so it wasn’t ideal.

After the fourth day, I asked him to stop waking up early to exercise for the rest of our 2-week vacation. He told me he would be more careful not to wake our son up but I told him our son would wake up as soon as he left the bed so he had to stop.

We argued over it but he did eventually agree to stop reluctantly even though it meant he couldn’t exercise as much as he wanted to without missing time with his family and it also meant he couldn’t workout with his brother which his brother was unhappy about.

Was I TA for making him stop?”

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