She Called Her Boyfriend a Gold Digger. Did She Go Too Far?

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AITA for telling my boyfriend he is a gold-digger by his own standards?

“I have a boyfriend, Aiden. For some reason, he really dislikes his best friend’s (Daniel’s) girlfriend, Lila.

I don’t exactly get the reason for his dislike, my guess is that Aiden and Daniel were kind of outcasts in high school and Aiden adapted this “us against the world” view with his only friend. Lila on the other hand is a very lively, outgoing, bubbly girl with tons of friends.

Aiden’s newest reason to dislike Lila is that Daniel plans to take her to an all expenses paid trip abroad. He was ranting to me about Lila being a gold-digger and using Daniel for his money.

I tried to tell him that Daniel taking his girlfriend on a vacation doesn’t make said girlfriend a gold-digger, but Aiden couldn’t be reasoned with.

It bothered me so much, especially since my family took Aiden to countless vacations free of charge back when we were still in university. I mean 15+ vacations, mostly to different countries.

I pointed out to Aiden that he came to plenty of vacations with me and my family, but he said that was different, because he only came for me, so that I have more fun with him there with me and we build shared memories.

I asked him why is what Daniel and Lila are doing any different. Daniel can afford to take Lila with him, he will have more fun with her there and they will make wonderful shared memories. If that makes Lila a gold-digger, he must be a gold-digger too, by his own standards.

Aiden got mad at me and said that he is extremely disappointed and hurt that I look at him like that. He got really offended and now seems to think that I actually accused him of being a gold-digger instead of just trying to show him the error in his reasoning.

Was I wrong for trying to draw a parallel between him and Lila? I didn’t want to make him feel bad for coming with us on those vacations, I loved having him there.

Do I owe him an apology?


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