She Didn’t Answer Her Work Email on Vacation and Lost a Client. Was She Wrong?

Everyone’s work situation is different, but vacation is supposed to be VACATION.

But sometimes completely cutting yourself off from work communication can lead to some issues in this day and age.

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AITA for not answering work emails while on vacation resulting in the loss of a client?

“My husband and I took a much needed vacation to the beach last week and the entire week before we left I sent emails around letting everyone know I’d be completely inaccessible for the week so to come and see me for any work materials needed, files etc.

I gave everyone everything I knew or thought they’d need and left confident that everyone had prepared themselves, seeing as I’d given them 8 days to prepare.

When I returned I found chaos in the office. Apparently one of my colleagues had needed files for a particularly important client of ours and had not been able to find them in my office and I never responded to calls or emails, as I warned I wouldn’t do. This coworker knew they’d be handling this client and had 8 days and 12 hours a day to ask me for all pertinent files and appears to have not.

In any case, I was blamed because the client is technically mine and I am supervisor of this coworker.

I contend that I am blameless because this coworker had 8 days to collect all their files like their other coworkers did and they neglected to do so. No one seems to care about that.

AITA here?”

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This person said that this woman is NTA and her office needs a better system to deal with issues like this.

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And this Reddit user agreed and said it sounds like her company is incompetent.

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Another individual also said she’s NTA but that the buck stops with her.

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