She Didn’t Say Anything When Someone Called Her Spoiled. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for not saying anything when someone called me spoiled and privileged?

“My husband’s best friend “Nate” got a new girlfriend “Camilla” about half a year ago. She moved to our city recently so she doesn’t really have any friends here, but she and I hanged out a couple of times and started to get friendly.

For context: we are all in our twenties, my husband and I both have nice jobs, we own a small flat, play tennis as a hobby (Camilla thinks it a rich people sport) and we regularly travel by finding 10€ plane tickets and staying at cheap hostels for ~3 nights at a time.

Now to the point: my husband and I were hosting a little get together. Nate, Camilla and a few of our other friends were invited. At one point, the conversation went to topics like the current level of inflation, how the lockdown effected people and jobs, the housing market, etc and I had something to say too, agreeing with Camilla.

Camilla cut me off and said something like “Haha, no offense, but you are way too much of a spoiled privileged girl to understand things like this. You would need a tragedy or two in your life to understand struggle. I love you, but you never experienced any hardship in your life, haha.”

The room went dead silent and nobody said anything. After some awkward silence, I stood up and said: “Well, is anybody hungry? Shall we eat?” and we never went back to that topic.

Camilla messaged me the next day asking me how could I do this to her. Nate told her afterwards that I had an abusive father and I fell ill as a teenager, spent months in the hospital, had to have multiple life saving surgeries and it took me a month to learn to walk again.

Camilla is mad at me for not telling these very personal things to her before and making her look terrible to Nate’s friends. She said that even correcting her at the party would have been better, because then she could’ve apologized to me in front of everyone, but I took that chance away from her and now she will never make friends here.

Honestly, this whole thing is ridiculous and I don’t really think I’m an a**hole, but it never hurts to ask. Maybe I should have gently corrected her after she said that.


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