She High-Fived a Stranger Who Humiliated Her Boyfriend. Is She a Jerk?

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AITA for high fiving a stranger who “humiliated” my BF?

“My bf and I go to the climbing gym regularly. He is really into it and I just started and climbing a few times a week. He’s stupidly competitive about it and quietly insults beginners who are not as good which makes me feel self conscious because I’m a beginner.

Last night we were at the climbing gym again and he was doing a V6. There was about 6 people taking turns on the problem probably because it’s a newly installed route and they were all failing. Then a girl came and flashed it. She made it so easy but at the end she didn’t hold the final hold for 5 seconds and my bf called her out after she was done.

Holding the last hold for 5 seconds is suppose to be the “right way” of finishing a route but she was doing it so easily she definitely could have. I think he was just being salty because she did it when he couldn’t. She laughed and told him he didn’t even start the problem correctly and walked off.

I gave her a high five because she was walking towards me and did amazing at the problem (and knocked my bf off his high horse) and she was surprised but high fived me.

My bf turned to me and gave me a wtf look and wouldn’t talk to me the rest of the night. When we were heading home he ranted that I couldn’t be trusted to watch his back if I chose to take a stranger’s side over him.

I was shocked that’s what he took from the climb and told him she shouldn’t have nitpicked her when she clearly climbed it correctly and he got mad and argued I was suppose to take his side over people I don’t even know.”

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