She Lied to Her Husband and Her Brother to Get Them at the Same Dinner. Was She Wrong?

The following story sounds like a sitcom. Or a rom-com. Or a bro-down.

But I’m looking in from the outside…

The real question here is whether this woman acted like an a**hole by getting her husband and her brother together in the same room.

Let’s see what happened…

AITA for not telling my husband I was inviting my brother for dinner and telling my brother my husband wouldn’t be home?

“My husband and brother used to be as close as brothers.

They had a fight a few months ago and neither one of them will tell me what it was about. I’m sick of it because it feels like they’ve dragged me into the middle of this as they refuse to be around each other but neither one of them is willing to tell me what’s really going on.

I also barely see my brother now and I miss him so I invited him and his wife for dinner like we used to do. My brother only agreed because I told him my husband wouldn’t be home and I told my husband we were having guests but never specified who.

Dinner was tense and at first my husband tried to kick my brother out but I wouldn’t let him. After they left my husband and I had a huge fight and now he’s barely speaking to me. My brother isn’t angry at me but told me if my husband says anything to me I should tell him and he’d deal with him.


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And this Reddit user said they think the brother caught the woman’s husband cheating.


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