She Offered Him A Ride Home…Then Sent A Venmo Request For The Gas Money

It used to be that when someone offered you a ride home from the bar – at least if you were a guy – you knew it was a simple gesture of goodwill and an example of good human-ing.

Now, apparently, we all need to get all of the information up front, no matter the scenario.

For instance: if I accept this ride home that was offered without strings, will I later be asked for gas money?


That’s what TikToker @peterpribylpierdinock should have asked his friend Julia, apparently, because he found himself on the hook for a whopping $2.47 after the fact.

“heyyy its julia what’s ur venmo?? i need to charge u like $2.47 for driving u home last night lmaoooo also what’s ur roommates venmo gas is so pricey hehe don’t blame me blame biden!!!!”

Peter’s response?

“I know it’s unlikely but like I’m actively rooting for the Yellowstone supervolcano.”

Apparently humanity being painfully wiped off the face of the earth is preferable to having to deal with people like Julia.

This commenter knows what it’s like to be hard up for cash, but figures they would be too embarrassed to act as if they needed such a paltry sum.

Image Credit: TikTok

According to this person, OP is not alone.

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And this is another person who says the shame would just be too much.

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Commenters on TikTok were baffled for a few reasons, like how she came up with such a low amount and why both he and his roommate had to pay for a lift to the same address.

Also, the Biden comment threw more than a few folks for a loop.

I understand being hard up for cash, but this is honestly pretty petty.

If you need to collect this paltry amount of cash, you probably shouldn’t be driving around at all.

Would you have paid this or just let it go too? Let us know in the comments!