She Used Her Friend’s Logic Against Her and Made Her Cry. Did She Go Too Far?

Have you ever had an experience where you used someone’s “logic” against them and it didn’t go well?

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So did this woman act like an a**hole?

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AITA for using my friends “logic” against her and making her cry?

“I (36f) went no contact with my narcissistic family last year as I was done being their scapegoat.

My friend was encouraging me to “call my mother and reconcile for mother’s day” and I explained (again) the emotional and mental abuse I went through and her refusal to take accountability or seek therapy.

She then lectured me on how “it’s hard being a parent” (she’s a parent I’m not) that “as the eldest you should’ve helped your mother around the house more and with your younger siblings.” And that “I should let bygones be bygones and call my mother for mother’s day”

I told her “so you think if I had done more chores and accepted more parentification as a kid then I wouldn’t have been abused? If it’s too hard to be decent to your kids then you shouldn’t be a parent. Maybe u should’ve helped your abusive ex husband around the house more, maybe u shouldn’t have had dinner 10 minutes late, bc you know his job is stressful and it’s hard being a provider and father.”

“Next month is father’s day you should call and reconcile with him. How could I as a child stop the abusive behavior of an adult when as an adult you couldn’t stop your husband from abusing you.”

She cried and walked off. Our mutual friends agree she was wrong to pressure me to reconcile with my mother but she “meant well and didn’t understand, and you took it too far” I did it to make a point on how abuse isn’t okay from anyone even your parents.


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