He Lets His Girlfriend Do Most of the Chores Because She Doesn’t Pay as Much Rent as He Does. Is He a Jerk?

How are you supposed to split up chores when you live with someone?

Should it always be equal?

Or does it come to who makes more money and who pays more in rent?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one when you’re in a relationship…

Take a look at this guy’s story and see if you think he’s out of line.

AITA for letting my girlfriend do most of the household chores because she doesn’t pay as much of the rent as I do?

“I (24M) work for a very prominent company and get paid a lot better than my girlfriend (23F).

We both moved to a different state for my job, and she ended up with a very toxic work environment with a boss who was s**ist and homophobic. She h**ed her job and ended up getting a new one that pays a lot less than her old one, and has asked me to take on the responsibility of paying most of the rent.

Since we have been in this new state, she has done most of the cleaning. I contribute by doing the dishes sometimes and washing the laundry (she folds it). She is the only one who cleans the bathroom, the kitchen, and the only one who sweeps, mops, and vacuums along with other random chores here and there.

It’s been about 8 months since we moved and everything was fine until recently. The other day she asked me to vacuum the living room and I said I didn’t know where the vacuum was. Since then, she keeps bringing up how I need to do more of the housework, but I feel like because I contribute more to the rent she should be responsible for keeping the apartment clean. I also do the dishes sometimes and do stuff she asks me to do.

I’ve done more of the dishes since she brought it up (doing them maybe once a week instead of once every other week). She now leaves cleaning tasks for me to do without telling me about them and then gets upset when they aren’t done.

If she just asked me to clean those parts of the apartment then I would. She claims that I should know what needs to get done and just do them myself without making her bring it up first. Eventually she gets frustrated and just cleans by herself.

I’m also tired from working when I get home and I just want to relax or finish my work. She works the same amount of hours as me, but her job is much less demanding than mine so she is less drained by the end of the day. She does pay for our groceries and my gas sometimes as well as other little things here and there.

I don’t think I’m an asshole for expecting her to contribute with the housework since I contribute more financially. AITA for letting her do most of cleaning since I pay for most of the rent?”

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