Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Telling Her Ex’s Family Where He Was After He Disappeared

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AITA for telling my ex’s family where he was after he asked to see me 2 years after he disappeared?

“My ex and I were together since we were 15 until he just disappeared one day without any explanation. His family have spent thousands trying to track him down without any luck and there’s been radio silence from him for 2 years.

He finally broke his silence and called me a month ago. I was really really really angry at him but he kept telling me he missed me and wanted to see me so I agreed to meet up with him.

His family have always been like a second family to me so I’ve stayed in contact with them and the closer it got to the day I was supposed to see him, the more guilty I felt for not telling them. So, I did.

His dad and grandfather ended up going with me to see him and my ex was really upset with me for not coming alone. We talked and then they talked to him privately and now he’s back but he’s still upset with me even though he’s seemed to have resolved whatever issue he had with his family that made him leave.


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