She Ruined Someone’s Day During Her Wedding. Was She Wrong?

Call me crazy, but I think if it’s YOUR wedding day, you can do whatever you want.

But, you know how people are, they tend to make everything about themselves.

Check out this story and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole.

AITA for ruining someone’s day during my wedding?

“I (26F) recently just got married a few days ago.

It was a traditional Punjabi wedding and I had an absolute blast. For some context, I have 3 brothers and no sisters. In traditional indian weddings, there are certain ceremonies where you would need your female relatives to be a part of. Since I have no sisters, my cousins stepped in.

My families have always had a strained relationship with one another, always due to some petty fights that occurred years ago that some of the relatives just can’t let go of. Most of the cousins don’t partake in this because we’re aware that it’s ridiculous.

I have one cousin I’ll name X (18F) who is extremely nice but unfortunately super shy and timid. She has always been like this and most of us have just grown up being protective of her, especially since she is one of the youngest cousins.

During one of these ceremonies, I insisted that my cousin be a main part of it because I know she would genuinely enjoy it but would be to shy to volunteer herself or ask for it. One of my cousins fiancée’s (28F) however, is quite the opposite. She constantly likes to put herself in the middle of everything, despite already being told of her given duties during the ceremony.

This is the part where I may be the a**hole. During one of the ceremonies, you are supposed to have one of your female relatives sit behind you on stage and basically just take care of you, fix your hair or your clothes etc. I specifically told cousin X that she would be the one to do this for me.

However, when the day came, my cousin’s fiancée was the one who took her spot. I was confused but could not do much. After the ceremony, I found cousin X and she explained to me that the fiancee who took her spot had basically scolded her and yelled at her, saying that she should be the one doing it since cousin X is still young and doesn’t know anything.

She then told cousin X to go sit down with the other guests, despite cousin X’s protests. Cousin X’s mother (my aunty who I absolutely adore and has been a huge help with the wedding) was quite upset with this but did not want to cause a scene and just told cousin X it’s okay.

When I heard this, I was furious. The fiancée took what was meant to be a special moment and made it all about herself. I sat the fiancée down and told her that she had no right to do what she did and I was extremely upset with her for doing so. Apparently she was so upset by this conversation, she refused to come for the other ceremonies the next day.

I was fine with this, because I generally don’t like adults who throw temper tantrums but my cousin says that I had no right to speak to his fiancée like that and now his entire family has been constantly saying a lot of negative things about my family and the whole situation.


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