She Thinks She Ruined Her Sister’s Birthday Party. Did She Act Like a Jerk?

Birthday parties can really go off the rails sometimes…and that goes for parties for adults AND kids.

And a teenage girl asked folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she ruined her little sister’s birthday party.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for ruining my little sister’s birthday?

“So, my little sister turned 4 yesterday, on Saturday. The party was 15 adults in total, family of my step dad, 6 children between the ages of 3 and 5 and me (F 15) all safe, all tested.

I was supposed to stay with the kids and entertain them while the adults hang out.

Well, on Friday at school i got sick, threw up in front of everyone, had to be helped to the nurse’s office, super embarrassing.

Anyway, the day of the party comes and i feel like d**th, like, it literally hurts to move (I know it’s not the virus because i already had it and this feels worse) but mom doesn’t really care so i must be at the party with the kids.

Well, i did for a while but i literally felt super bad and just couldn’t handle the energy of 6 kids at a birthday party so i told my mom i was going to my room for a while. We had a huge fight, she sent me to my room as punishment.

And well, not even 15 minutes after that she storms into my room screaming at me about how i ruined the party and how everyone had to leave. They didn’t even got to the cake or the presents part. My sister was obviously upset about that and mom is extremely mad, so is my stepdad and i’m just confused.

I know i was in the wrong for not doing what i was supposed to do but also, there was enough adults to look after the kids. The point is, I ruined the party even if it wasn’t on purpose and now everyone is mad at me.”

Now let’s see what Reddit users said about this.

This reader said what pretty much all of us are thinking: this is absurd.

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Another reader said that the party may have been cut short for another reason…they might be right.

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And this individual argued that the adults at this party are really the ones to blame.

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And finally, another reader said that the adults here were very selfish.


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