She Told Her Friend That Her Success Is Built on Handouts. Did She Go Too Far?


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AITA for telling my friend that her success is built on handouts and she doesn’t get to make comments on other people?

“I (F32) have a ‘friend’ who we’ll call Ellie (F32). I’ve known Ellie since we were around 7, and our mothers are good friends.

Ellie has had a very, very privileged life. Her dad is a lawyer and her mom is a dentist, so as you can imagine, Ellie had a lot more luxuries and opportunities than your average person. She grew up going to private schools, having private tutors, going on fancy vacations every year, etc.

I won’t go into too much detail but I definitely didn’t have a life that was anything like Ellie’s.

Ellie never had to get a job until she went into residency in medical school when she was 26.

When we finished high school at 18, Ellie initially went to business school for 2 years before dropping out, then pursuing medical school. Her parents paid all of her tuition and all of her living expenses so Ellie never struggled financially and never had to worry about money. Plus her mother got Ellie volunteering opportunities so she could get references on her medical school applications.

Ellie is now a qualified paediatrician. I’m glad she was able to find a career path she enjoys and I’m proud of her for finishing school. I know medical school is no walk in the park, I myself am a veterinarian.

A few weeks ago, we went to a town event and we bumped into some of my old friends from high school. We chatted for a few minutes and one of them proudly mentioned she finished nursing school.

When we went to my house after the event, Ellie made a very rude comment about my old friend, saying that “I bet she was just too dumb to go to medical school” and went on about how great she is. I told Ellie that what she said was rude and uncalled for. Ellie said it was the truth. I snapped and told Ellie “you only became a doctor by getting handouts, you don’t get to make comments about other people”.

Ellie started yelling at me and telling me that I’m a jerk for undermining her hard work and that she still had to work for where she is now. I told her that I know she still had to work hard, but most people don’t have parents who can pay all their tuition and living expenses, and she had it easier.

Ellie called me a jerk again and said I’m ignorant, and that she still had to work hard.”

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