She Told Her Mom She Needs to Give Her Sister Her Daughter Back. Is She Wrong?

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AITA for telling my mom to give my sister her daughter back?

“This requires some context so I’ll keep it short. I (18f) have a twin sister (18f) who’s had the same boyfriend since freshman year. He’s also 18. He comes from a wealthy family, and had a career lined up for him the day he graduated.

My sister is actually pretty responsible, so is he. Which is why it was a shock to everyone when she revealed she was pregnant. She swears they always used protection, and I believe her. She’s not the type to skip out on that kind of stuff, nor is he.

Well, for obvious reasons she finished senior year via distance learning. The baby was born right after graduation. I should also mention, they are responsible parents, even though they’re young

About 2 weeks ago, her boyfriend started his new job and they’re about 4 hours away. They moved and have been done for almost 2 weeks now. They agreed to leave the baby here (I still live at home with my mom) while they move everything. I FaceTime my sister everyday and she shows me her daughters room, and it’s beautiful. She tells me how much she misses her.

2 days ago, just over a week of moving my sister told my mom she’s going to come get her. My mom said no and that she abandoned her and that she’s a gold digger. Then her boyfriend called and my mom said the same thing. They’ve been going back and fourth for 2 days.

My sister called me a few hours ago, and said she’s not playing any more games with Mom, and that tomorrow she’s waking up at 4am, and driving down here to demand her daughter back and if my mom doesn’t give her up she says she’ll get the police involved, get attorneys involved and do whatever it takes to be reunited with her daughter.

After that conversation I went downstairs to talk to my mom. I said she should give my sister her daughter back. She said “your sister abandoned this baby, she doesn’t deserve her”

My mom said my sister is a gold digger and if she wanted her kid she would have got her by now. I reminded her that she does, and I warned my mom that if she doesn’t give it to her nicely my sister is not going to be so nice about it.

But then my mom said “just mind your buissness” and to be honest, she kind of had a point. This isn’t my buissness. She also said the baby is what brings her joy and she feels a “special connection” with her that she garuntees my sister doesn’t have.

I warned her one last time, “mom, don’t do this, [my sisters name] is not messing around and this will get ugly.” And that was that.

I’m starting to think I was wrong to inject myself. It isn’t my buissness but my sister is right- she deserves her child back and I did witness the conversation of my mom offering to watch the child while the moved.


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