She Told Her Sister She Should’ve Gone to College if She Wanted a Good Life. Was She a Jerk?

Isn’t it just the worst when someone in your family throws something in your face and really makes you feel like s**t?

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AITA for telling my sister that she should have gone to college if she wanted a life like mine?

“Hello everyone, please excuse my grammar. English is my 4th language and 100% self taught. Also this will be a long post.

My sister and I are twins (33F). We come from a culture where arranged marriages are an option (not India). Mostly they are blind dates set by a matchmaker. And if you are compatible you marry.

When we both graduated high school, my sister (who was valedictorian BTW) chose not to attend college. She asked for an arranged marriage since all she wanted to be was a wife and mother (nothing wrong with that). My parents (who are a love match) tried to convince her to at least get her bachelor’s. She refused. I on the other hand started attending an engineering college (computer engineering)

A year later she married a man that she met through the matchmaker. He is a very nice man, a teacher and treats my sister like a queen. The thing is he was just a freshly hired teacher. My sister went from living in a double income house with parents being both high earners (a doctor and a lawyer) to a single income house on a teacher’s salary.

I graduated at 23, started working as a cyber security personnel for a big bank. After 2 years of dating around, I too asked for an arranged marriage.

My husband is a business owner (real estate developer) and he makes a lot more than I do. He also comes from money.

My sister didn’t like him from the get go, she even threw a tantrum (thankfully in private) in my wedding. Apparently the bride gifts he brought were tacky (more like very expensive, more than what yer husband could get her)

The problem is that my first child is now at the age where she will be starting pre-school, we signed her for a private school. The monthly tuition is more than what her husband makes.

When she heard this she just exploded. She was ranting about how it’s not fair that our kids will not have equal opportunities, how the only reason I could live like I do was that my parents chose a better husband for me.

I became angry, for how she treats me, how unfair she was to her husband and my parents, so I laid the truth on her, I told her I got matched with a better husband because I am a college educated woman with a respectable job, and that wealthy men using matchmakers don’t want 19 years old highschool graduates, their standards are higher. I told her that her husband is a wonderful man who loves her, but if all she wanted was wealthy man she should have gone to college.

Now she is NC with me, she says that I am an elitist AH.


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